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SEGA Profits Tumble Following Lack of Releases

SEGA has released its results for the first quarter of the financial year, revealing a profit drop of 57.4 percent. (Industry, Sega)

Cindy-rella  +   437d ago
they should release a new sega console next year with a lot of first party titles. id love a new crazy taxi, powerstone, house of the dead, sonic, vector man and a lot of other titles

it would be awesome if the lack of sega released games is because they are waiting to release a new console with an onslaught of first party tites.
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MrSwankSinatra  +   437d ago
Powerstone is a capcom franchise.
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   437d ago
they would go bankrupt if they do
rainslacker  +   436d ago
Sony doesn't have the money anymore to release a console. They're not broke, but it's really expensive. It's also a pretty hostile market right now, with three major competitors. They could make more money by just releasing games on all the systems. Seems they aren't doing that with enough frequency though.

Sadly, Sega's name doesn't mean much anymore when it comes to consoles. They had some great ones, but only the older, die-hard gamers really remember how good they were. For my part, I also remember how incompetent they were at times too, which eventually led to their dropping out of the console market.
rainslacker  +   435d ago
Looking back I realized I said Sony instead of Sega not having money. Hope anyone that read it realized the mistake.:(
3-4-5  +   435d ago
Sega is GREAT at developing interesting and cool new IP's, but then they always screw them up or stop releasing games of that series.
nope111  +   437d ago
Localize more of your games, Sega!
NexGen  +   437d ago
They keep refusing to localize. This is what happens. I want my dang phantasy star releases.
Drithe  +   437d ago
Sorry brutha ........ Sega hates america.
DemonChicken  +   437d ago
and my yakuza, god as i said on another article, sega has something against my wallet.

All i see is bloody sonic on their us blog (has to be at least one article on a page), which i'm seriously getting tired of. Not like I have anything against sonic but seriously there are other games i'm interested in.
Fullmetalevolust  +   437d ago
Lack of localization on what they deem "too japanese" for this western market is probably what's hurting them.
We saw no phantasy star online 2 over and that could've sold a few hundred thousand copies easy.
I hope they localize Nova and that new shining title.
TM333  +   437d ago
No doubt. The crazy thing about PSO2 is that even though it's FTP in Japan, I'd gladly pay for the game to have it here in the "West". Somebody needs to be fired at Sega and then they need to get someone in charge who can give gamers what they want.
FarEastOrient  +   437d ago
Too Japanese? This is a Sega problem as a whole, since Atlus and NIS America were able to be successful and translate games for the west.
MrSwankSinatra  +   436d ago
If they localize Shining Resonance i'd pay 100 dollars for that, but unfortunately SEGA doesn't care about us anymore unless you like Aliens. SEGA will give you plenty of that......
Pillsbury1  +   437d ago
Kind of glad they didn't bring pso2 to the west as I was hopelessly addicted to PSO.

I have been too scared to touch an MMO since Haha
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RandomGamer  +   437d ago
I would sure buy Yakuza 5 in an instant if they ever brought it over .
Revengeance  +   437d ago
Where's my Valkyria Chronicles 3? Oh wait it's stuck in Japan right now not giving a damn bout the West.

And I was gonna toss my money towards Sega too.
Spotie  +   436d ago
If we're lucky, ATLUS will get a chance to localize it.
rainslacker  +   436d ago
If there were ever a trilogy "HD" remaster I'd like to see for the PS4, it would be all three VC games in one release. First one ranks up there in my top 5 of last gen(my top 5 have no order...can't rank great games like that IMO).:)
incredibleMULK  +   437d ago
Make a next Gen Streets of Rage: Chicago edition

Final bosses Obama and rahm Emmanuel. Throw in that dueschbag Eric holder too.
nigelp520  +   437d ago
Localize Yakuza 5 for Ps3. Phantasy Star Online 2 and Valkyria Chronicles for ps vita. Oh Segaga would be nice

Fighters Megamix 2 would also be nice
TongkatAli  +   437d ago
I want them to make a Tails adventure sequel. I love playing that game on my 3DS. Also bring VC2, PSO2 and Phantasy Star Nova to the states.
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Goro  +   437d ago
I will not rest until Yakuza 5 is brought to the west!
reaperman  +   436d ago
This is great news... It's no more than SEGA deserve.
All SEGA seem to think we want are those damn Sonic games, and Aliens Colonial Marines (What a crock that was).
SEGA are being hurt by not localizing the games we actually want to play.
SEGA need to sort themselves out by releasing quality titles in the West as well as for the Japanese market.
Yakuza 5 PS3, Yakuza 1&2 Re-mastered PS3, Kenzan PS3, Ishin PS4 and Phantasy Star.
The Japanese market is only so big and if SEGA don't want to be the next major company to go out of business then they had better start listening to the people who would line their pockets with our hard earned cash by buying the games we actually want and not what SEGA think we want.
sarshelyam  +   436d ago
I simply cannot disagree with anything you're saying here. I often feel alone when I'm crying for these games, yet every time I go online...I find dozens with the same voice.

SEGA really needs to pull their head out of their butt.
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rainslacker  +   436d ago
There's hope. Maybe Sega will notice that Namco is having success with it's "too Japanese" titles in the Tales series(among others), and finally get it in their head that localizing games doesn't cost an arm and a leg, and generally returns a decent profit. Heck, NISA, Namco, and Atlus figured this out years ago.

One terrible trend that happened last gen was the explosion of western style FPS games which sold huge numbers and seemed to set the bar on what is considered a successful game in a territory. Nowadays it seems too many companies think that if a game doesn't break 2-3 million sold, it's a failure.

To me it seems that if a localized title can sell at least 50K copies(easily doable as shown by NISA and their mostly niche titles), then it's certainly worth the time and money to make it happen. Then you have things like Ni No Kuni which break 1 million quickly, which really bring in the revenues. Heck, I remember when you'd be hard pressed to find someone who heard of the Ys Series, and I believe the last Vita release sold 50K copies. Japan only sold 100K copies, and the game was considered a success despite the cost to develop.
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mhunterjr  +   436d ago
In otherwords "company that makes money selling things, doesn't make money when they don't sell things"

Put out some games!
TuxedoMoon  +   436d ago
Sega, please don't fall into the depths where capcom is.
Just give us the games we want...Like PSO2.
sarshelyam  +   436d ago
They could have fixed this...they could have released Yakuza 5...Yakuza Ishin...they could have listened to fans and gotten off their butts regarding Phantasy Star.
Dothraki  +   436d ago
Sega have such a rich back catalogue of games, but most seem lost forever. Games like Eternal champions, streets of rage, house of the dead, crazy taxi, shinobi, hang on, Alex kids, chaken, i could go on and on...and all we get is crappy unplayable sonic games. Maybe they just haven't got the talent to do it. Recent reworks of sega rally, golden axe have failed so far.
Father__Merrin  +   436d ago
release a dedicated home console with arcade ports only from Sega, Il buy it for sure.

make tons of classic arcade remakes daytona, Sega rally

if they go bankruptcy they can do an insurance job and sell off all assets, start a new company to keep making games. if they struggle again it's a simple case of going bankrupt again and start from beginning
sonic989  +   436d ago
they didnt have any major releases recently
except lost world .
they really could have benefited from a PS4 and Xbox 1 launch titles because limited options means more probability of your games selling at decent numbers .
Amorist89  +   436d ago
Sega in the West has a real identity crisis on their hands. They've produced some of the greatest and worse games i have experienced, the AM2 division I believe has always been the strongest asset.

As mentioned in the comments above they only have themselves to blame, more commitment is needed in the Western market. Do
Inception  +   436d ago
This is expected. SEGA didn't localize Yakuza 5, Yakuza Ishin, Yakuza HD collection, VC 3, PSO 2, PS Nova, and Shining Resonance.

Hell, SEGA even didn't care to make Virtua Fighter 6, new Shinobi, new Sakura Wars, VC 4, or remake their classic franchise such as Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, Shenmue, etc.

Now, they only focused on sonic, sonic, sonic, Miku, or Alien (Isolation looks good so i will buy it).

I'm very worried that SEGA will put a big limit to Atlus creativity :(
WonderboyIII  +   436d ago
I used to give a fark about you SEGA, but now I don't.
kusanagi68  +   435d ago
Either way, I'm mailing (hard copy) Sega for the "Day of The Dragon campaign" this week to try to get localizations.
I hope everyone who is interested in these games do the same if they really want to see these games have more of a chance for an English release.

To find out more info,google:

Day of the dragon yakuza

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