Planet Xbox 360: Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit Interview

Planet Xbox 360 writes: "To celebrate the launch of Atari's Xbox 360 anime/fighting game, Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit; we sat down with one of the producers on the title to talk about what to expect from the game and where the franchise is headed.

PX360: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us, can you please introduce yourself and give us some background on your experience with the DBZ universe?

Clay: I'm Donny Clay and I'm the producer on Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit. I've worked on several Dragon Ball Z titles over the years for Atari. The Dragon Ball Z universe is like my second home.

PX360: Tell us a little about DBZ Burst Limit. What can people who have not ever played DBZ fighting games in the past expect from it?

Clay: If you've never experienced DBZ then this is a great title to pick up because you can jump right into the action. Not only is it a great game for the fighting genre but it's a really fun game to play in general. Anyone can get into this game, it's good gameplay for everyone. "

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