TeamXbox: NHL 09 Preview

TeamXbox writes: "First a confession: I'm not much of a hockey fan. It's not that I have anything against the sport, I just grew up in California where ice rinks are about as uncommon as a decent NY-style deli. Since I didn't grow up playing it, and the Bay Area didn't have a team back then, I never really followed it. But I did grow up playing hockey videogames, stretching back to Blades of Steel. As a genre, it's one of the most long-running and robust in all of games, thanks to its essentially simple concept (get the puck in the net) and great head-to-head style gameplay.

More modern incarnations like EA's usually excellent NHL series have brought the game up to date, featuring ahead-of-the-curve graphics and a dedication to making the game as accurate and realistic as possible to satisfy true puck-heads out there. The new NHL 09 goes even further in those regards, building what is shaping up to be the most authentic hockey experience on a video game console yet. But interestingly, at the same time they're not forgetting about the nostalgic feelings fans have for the old school style of gameplay. What are they doing to rectify that? Two button controls."

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