COMMENT | 3-1 to Sony? Microsoft need a new console, and soon

But not necessarily that new.

Regardless of whether or not the sales figures for the last financial quarter are of consoles sold or shipped, regardless of the extent to which the PlayStation and Xbox numbers were muddied by last-gen console statistics, one thing is clear: Microsoft are lagging behind. By an alarming factor of three-to-one.

It's early days, of course, in terms of Phil Spencer's tenure at the top. For much of 2014, he's been dealing in damage control, and trying to turn the omnishambles that Mattrick left behind into something identifiable, something relatable, something to do with games rather than every other facet of entertainment.

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iamnsuperman1115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )

"Put simply, if Spencer is to perform a proper reset of the Xbox One brand and realign the console's focus on gaming, he's going to need a new console to do it. Not a generational console, but an Xbox One trimmed of all the fat. One that gets rid of everything apart from the core system hardware and a big fat hard-drive."

I see your point but these extras aren't, apart from the kinect, really costing Microsoft anything. Getting rid of them seems more anti productive than productive. The best thing to do is to change the focus and not release another completely different SKU. Another completely different SKU increases confusion amongst consumers (which I feel is one of the problems with the Kinectless SKU). This would be taking it a step too far.

Microsoft needs to find a way of making the Xbox even cheaper to start making ground on the PS4 but removing stuff isn't going to help. Remember Microsoft spent a fortune on the new kinect (rumored to be as much as the console). It is something you can't just write off. The damage was already done then (so removing more stuff isn't going to help them that much; we talking about taking very little off the manufacturing price here with these things gone)

zeal0us1115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )

When MS had announce a kinect-less X1 SKU I thought they would at least sell it ~$350-375. Personally I think the X1 would've sold a lot more if they had priced at $350.

It will be a while before they can recuperate from the development cost of Kinect 2.0. They generation just started so hopefully they will turn things around.

amiga-man1115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )

MS really dropped the ball coming into this gen thats what you get when business men are in charge of something they do not care about or understand,

they were more focused on pushing through their own agenda DRM always online and kinect were wanted by MS not the the gamer releasing a machine that was underpowered and too expensive was just another slap in the face with gamers proving they are not to be as stupid as they had hoped and turning their backs on the xone.

With Spencer in charge you do feel that at last they do have someone that at least understands gaming but it is too little too late, all that he can hope to do now is try to limit the damage done, but one things for sure this gen they will always be behind the PS4 and they only have themselves to blame.

ShowGun9011115d ago


"gamers aren't as stupid as M$ hoped."

this says it all right there, they built a machine THEY liked, with features that benefited THEM, and hoped we'd all sign on. Too bad that didn't happen, huh? LOL

Minute Man 7211115d ago

@ amiga-man
It's the 3rd console curse

Letthewookiewin1115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )

The X1 should be priced at 299$ especially right now. At it's current price it will keep losing ground to Sony. Especially in September when Destiny hits and people pick up that white PS4 bundle and PS4s in general, then in October when people go to pick up consoles and see that the PS4 has it's exclusive racer out on top of all the multiplats. Sunset Overdrive will not be a system seller but will do good with people that already own the system, the MasterCC will move consoles but I know a lot of people like me who have played all the Halos to death aren't going to go and spend 460$ to do it again. On top of that you take away Kinect 2.0 and drop 100$ but you go and sell it for 200$.

DragonKnight1115d ago

Ok, first of all this article is so stupid it hurts. If MS released a new SKU the way this article suggests, it would do more harm than good. Every time MS does a 180, they get slammed for it and rightfully so. They wouldn't have needed to do so many 180s if they'd even TRIED some ACTUAL market research to see that gamers would not like what they were trying to sell.

But this would be the biggest 180 they could make and with it would be the biggest slam. MS would show, once and for all, that they are incompetent in the gaming industry, that they are so out of touch that it's not even funny.

Lowering the price isn't the answer either. That only works on the casuals that don't know any better, and quite honestly their opinions have been tainted by the core's disdain for MS' launch already.

No, the answer for Microsoft is to stay the course and release games. Stop making Rare work on B.S. Kinect games or shovelware, start using older IPs that people ask for, flood the market with GOOD games. Move as far away from the money grubbing, anti-consumer tactics as possible.

MS will not turn it around overnight, and people need to stop expecting that that's going to happen. MS is not in a failure position just because the PS4 is currently selling better, but they aren't in the position they want to be in either. They can turn things around, but it will take time, it will take work, and no matter how many articles come out with their own stupid solutions, there is no instant fix, only band-aid solutions that won't work in the end.

troylazlow1115d ago

in Canada the PS4 is $450 and the kinect-less X1 is $400, you cannot find the kinect-less X1 in stores now but plenty of PS4's.

Might just be in Canada but that's what I'm seeing

amiga-man1115d ago

DragonKnight: if they'd even TRIED some ACTUAL market research to see that gamers would not like what they were trying to sell.

Gamers were telling them loud and clear they didn't like the direction they were taking, Adam Ord should have been enough but still they pushed through with their plans, it was only when gamers said no to their crap that MS started listening.

It wasn't lack ok market research it was lack of common sense, to try and release a machine with so many restrictions was downright stupid and it has cost them big time.

XBLSkull1114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

Hasn't Microsoft come in last place every generation? That doesn't mean they don't have awesome consoles... I own both systems and while I use my X1 every day, just this week is the first time my PS4 has been turned on since February to play (gasp!) a last generation game remaster that I skipped last gen.

VegasDawg1114d ago

@amiga-man, Just like Sony did with the PS3. Right? Lets see if your just a fanBOY are you mean what you say.

badboyz091114d ago


"gamers aren't as stupid as M$ hoped."

Last Gen they were.

Flamingweazel1114d ago

@TROYLAZLOW..I am from canada and you are full of crap...kinectless Xboxs are everywhere...lets not pretend demand was ever that high for x1 it was sold out of stores, especially now. Please. Ps4 despite being 50 cheaper is still lagging behind in Canada.

Consoldtobots1114d ago

one can choose to look at this gen as Microsoft's failure or one can choose to look at this gen as Sony's resolve to kick Micros head in for the dirty pool they played last gen.

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Wizard_King1115d ago

When you price comparative parts as the XB1 you get a very cheap system. Seems ludicrous to pay full price now for an under powered gaming laptop with less features.

All_Consoles1115d ago

"Less features"
Oh really, name some

ShowGun9011115d ago

I think he means less features than a laptop, which is TRUE... can the xbone run powerpoint and word?

jumping to conclusions is so bad on these forums...

Lennoxb631115d ago

It cost more to make the X1 than the PS4. Get your facts straight first.

Consoldtobots1114d ago

this is more about Sony hitting a $400 pricepoint with an amazing GDDR5 machine as opposed to what MS screwed up. In other words they never stood a chance.

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MightyNoX1115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )

But HOW do you propose they make The Bone's production cheaper? The prices for PS4's 8Gig DDR5 will go down allowing Sony to undercut MS and make more proift.

Conversely, the prices for the bone's DDR3 will actually go up.

There is no other component they can take out to cheapen production, no BC or HDD.

strangeaeon1115d ago

No offense, but what makes you such an expert on the hardware of X1?

MightyNoX1115d ago

@strangeaon: i'm rarely offended by an uneducated person sprouting nonsense without doing research. It'd be like being insulted by an ant.

But as to your question, I am an engineer, i regularly listen to podcasts, interviews, engage on AMA on reddit and engage in hardware discussions on nvidia and amd forums and keep up to up to date. I make it my job to keep up to date with my field of work.

Read, clown, read. It does the mind good.

Also, read Cerny's interviews whenever you can. Got it? Lesson over.

orakle441115d ago

Wow, Strangeaeon even started his comment with "No offense," yet you still went off on him for no reason at all. You act as if he should have known that you work in the field and do all sorts of research. Even stooping so low as to immature name calling (for no reason at all).

All you had to do was let him know that you work in the field, not that hard to do. But hey this is the interwebs, where you're not cool unless you're putting others down :/

MelvinTheGreat1115d ago

You're an idiot to think DDR3 will keep going up once DDR4 release in the near future.

kneon1115d ago

Well they can remove the hdmi in port and associated hardware.

strangeaeon1115d ago

What does "sprouting nonsense" mean anyway? And why did you fly into a name calling tantrum? My question barely warranted your childish reaction.And congrats, you are an engineer, this doesn't give you the right to lord it over us "uneducated ants". Grow up and learn some social skills, there is more to life than an education.

1114d ago
slasaru011114d ago

Ps4 has not DDR5, it's GDDR5, it's not going to be much cheaper

Zhipp1114d ago

Isn't GDDR5 basically modified DDR3? Why would the price of DDR3 rise when GDDR5 drops? They're both going to be obsolete in a few years with DDR4/GDDR6.

Omegasyde1114d ago

@nox...Wow such doucheness in one reply. Your credits mean crap.

AMA's are as knowledgable as wikipedia. You say your an engineer but of what kind? I build networks and application systems, yet I don't go arround touting I am an engineer. Do you work at micrsoft or one of the chinese factories?

Strangeon called you out and you gave a rude, fake, and defensive reply. Just by that reply, I can tell you know nothing but what you read off the internet.

rainslacker1114d ago

Not to defend either side here, but why is everyone ganging up on Nox? Strangeaeon didn't even reply to Nox's actual comment. If strange has knowledge that refutes Nox's statement he should have offered that instead of not offering a reply at all. Strange asked for credentials, Nox offered them, more or less, and then everyone attacks Nox.

Does anyone who replied have an actual replay to what Nox said? Because I do.

All memory prices fluctuate for any number of reasons. Nox offered a article as to one reason why. This is independent of any kind new technology that is coming, and can even affect GDDR5 or any other part, right down to a capacitor used for the power supply.

DDR4 is the next big thing, but DDR3 is still going to be commonplace for the next 5-6 years at least. As DDR4 starts to ramp up, DD3 actually becomes more expensive to produce, as factories are retooled for the new memory that will be in demand, so there is less available factories making the older memory to supply as they are getting ready for the next big thing. The manufacturers are going to want to make as much off the old product as possible as well, especially since it becomes more of a niche product(for lack of a better term).

It's happened this way for every change in memory architecture for the past 30 years. The prior gens memory prices spike until the supply is eventually dwindled with only a oddball producer of it here or there for things that are likely still going to be needed for a while.

Luckily, for MS, DDR4 isn't going to be the next big thing soon enough for the prices to spike high enough to make a difference for the current gen, and prices will likely go down before they spike and the spike won't be as much as they're spending now.

On the other hand, there is no GDDR5 replacement for the foreseeable future, which means that demand is going to remain constant, or increase, which will drive prices down as factories can produce more at the same or cheaper price.

This is of course barring some factory burning down, or some natural disaster in production areas, so in the end it could go either way.

All this being said, the memory architecture of both the X1 and PS4 are well known. You don't need to be an engineer to know this stuff, just have to have an interest and desire to find the information. For everything else, almost every other part of the X1 has been identified and priced. The only things not known 100% are how much MS may have paid for each individual component in bulk, but guesses can be made based on current market trends. Those breakdowns are easily available, and quite detailed, on the net.

Why o why1114d ago

Thanks rainslacker. Well said.

insomnium21114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

Well said rainslacker. The answer to YOUR question of "why is everyone ganging up on Nox?" is that he acted like a major deuchebag for no good reason. That's it. Just read strangeaeon's question and Nox's reply again and you'll see how high of a horse he is riding on with that reply. He overreacted like a mofo.

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Jughead34161115d ago

It's crazy how sony's doing so well, they're making Microsoft seem like they're not. In actuality, xbox one is selling ok, but compared to ps4, (3 to 1), they seem like they suck. This is what happens though when you make a machine that no one asked for, and the competitors machine is all about the gamer