Top 5 things to do with remote play

Ever used your PSP to turn on your PS3 and play games on your PS3? If so, then you're probably getting the most out of your gaming. If you're looking for other things to do with remote play, or don't know what the heck remote play is, check out this article from for some other tips to maximize your PSP's potential.

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MikeGdaGod3835d ago

one of the most underrated features of both consoles.

sony really needs to advertise this more.

Tomdc3835d ago

why is it underated?

As far as I was aware many use and rate the feature

INehalemEXI3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

It is awesome a bit of lag at times though in my experience. As good as you can expect when remote playing over wifi.

GIJeff3835d ago

best thing to do is remote eye toy so you can use your ps3 as a security cam and watch your own house from anywhere on the planet in real time.

eyeDEVOUR3835d ago

sweet ill have to try this...does any1 know if you can play the game thats in your psp through your ps3 with remote play so that it can be displayed on my tv?(older model psp)...

GodsHand3835d ago

No you can't, the only way play the PSP on a atv, is to buy the a/v cables to connect the PSP to the tv.

I use remote play, to play poker, other then that, I hardly use the feature, do to lag. ex. Pixel junk monsters.

edhe3835d ago something i could be tempted by. But not at that cost.

Although it's perfectly doable through other technology having an integrated system like that for accessing your own media anywhere would be pretty slick.

Mind in order to make it truly work it'd have to be on fast 3g too..but then again, i could just put media files onto my phone and watch them...

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