Bungie Pokes Fun at the Apollo 11's Moon Landing with Destiny's Stats Easter Egg

One of the favorite topics of discussion between conspiracy theorists is the allegation that the Apollo 11 never really landed on the moon, but that the whole affair was staged. Incidentally, the celebrations for the 35th anniversary of the landing were held just a few days ago.

Looks like Bungie was in a satirical mood when they created the infographic for thestatistics of the beta.

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gamerqc1593d ago

Are we going to have 10 news per day about Destiny?

devwan1593d ago

Only for the next 37 days until it releases. Then it'll be 10 per hour.

Have fun!

TM3331593d ago

Remember Titanfall. Now it's Destiny's turn.

opoikl1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

Also remember TLoU:R...

UnHoly_One1593d ago

That'll still be 10 less per day than we were getting on TLOU remaster for a couple weeks prior to launch.

FamilyGuy1593d ago

I hope so, it keeps me from suffering from Beta withdrawal symptoms.

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devwan1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

The stats as a whole are really impressive, well over 3/4m at once on the Saturday for the moon.

Hanuman1593d ago

The impressive part is that they were all in the same area.

FamilyGuy1593d ago

Didn't the moon become available twice and only for 2 hours at a time each time?

With such a small window it's even more impressive. I missed both opportunities :(

rowdyBOY1593d ago

well duh , it was actually fake , everyone knows that

frostypants1593d ago

Love that the greatest explorative achievement in human history is cynically discounted by some people simply because they refuse to believe that humanity is smart enough to have done it. Why the self loathing?

liquidhalos1593d ago

A small group at the CIA couldnt even hide the fact that it had snooped about in senators computers. How the hell did NASA manage to get the thousands upon thousands of people to lie about the moon landings?

PS: No spaces needed before a comma, only after. Sink your teeth into that conspiracy.

windblowsagain1593d ago

But the USA, not any other country has men on the moon in the 60's 70's. And no. Russia nor any other country could detect whether they were there or not.

Nasa Controlled every transmission, when the actual picture was clear, it was released to the media has grainy poor quality black and white.

Moon Landings were faked because of the cold war.

sAVAge_bEaST1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

They thought it was real data being transmitted.

Like the Man behind the curtain, Kubrick did an amazing job. I think even JFK\ thought it was real.

A PsyOp aimed at Russia.

Hellsvacancy1592d ago

So what about all the other "supposed" times we've been to the moon, were they faked also?

Apollo 11 landed 20 July 1969
Apollo 12 landed 19 November 1969
Apollo 14 landed 5 February 1971
Apollo 15 landed 30 July 1971
Apollo 16 landed 20 April 1972
Apollo 17 landed 11 December 1972

Please watch this video

The BIG question is why havnt we been back?

AgentSmithPS41592d ago

I like the lesser known CT about them landing on the moon and seeing alien hatches, ships, being warned off etc. Ham radio operators heard the secret transmissions during the "tech difficulties."

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