Are Turned Based Games Dead?

ArmedGamer: While browsing the walls of some of the many JRPG Facebook groups I belong to, I came across one very interesting post in particular. At first, it began as an argument about whether or not Final Fantasy has gone down hill. But the debate soon turned into whether or not turn based games are becoming obsolete. The kid who was originally complaining about Final Fantasy said that they were not obsolete and that tons of people were clamoring for more turn based games. However, many other members of the group pointed out that if that really was the case, then more and more RPG’s wouldn’t be deviating from the old style. I couldn’t help but ask: Are turn based games dead?

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DonDon1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

No, just that majority of them arr japanese and that market has unfortunately moved onto phones.

At least we still have the "Tales Of" and Persona games.

XiNarutoUzumaki1594d ago

Turn-Based combat is kinda outdated. All RPGs combats should be like Demon's Souls, Kingdom Hearts, or Star Ocean.

Spotie1594d ago

Not no, but hell no.

Got nothing against the action stuff, but it doesn't need to be every game.

Heisenburger1594d ago

I could understand how someone could think that. Someone young, at least. However that ability to understand ceased once I played Bravely Default. Game mechanics wise, it takes just the right amount of old school, while still giving me the option for many modern day sensibilities. Such as the option to have the game autosave at points. Purists might scoff at that, but my gaming time is not what it used to be, and I don't plan on dying anyway. ;)

I love action RPGs. But there is something to be said about the turn based system. Something very rewarding, but hard to explain.

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gamercologyst1594d ago

this happend since most of you play just cinematic dumbed down casual hand holding games

3-4-51594d ago

Too many of them are the same, but they are still really fun.

They need to go back to how they used to be, but updated a bit.

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1594d ago

Bravel Default
Shin Megami Tensei/Persona
Etrian Odyssey
Atelier series
Coception series

knifefight1594d ago

Right there.

Bravely Default just sold a million, and its sequel is set to perform similarly.

What are the most requested HD remakes? Final Fantasy games, particularly 7. Turn based games are doing fine.

funkybudda1594d ago

I just started playing Divinity: Original Sin, it's a great turn-based RPG. Developers should be making more of those.

RetroGam3r1594d ago

Totally agree with you. Proper old school turn based, plan your moves or die mechanics.AWESOME

Pozzle1594d ago

Hell yes! I know a lot of people think turn-based is outdated, but I don't agree with them. It's not outdated, it's just a more strategic way of battling. You can pre-plan your attacks, then wait and see whether your strategy pays off. It's great fun.

rainslacker1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

I agree. I still like turn based the most, but I grew up with them and find it much easier to do complex strategies. Many modern JRPG's tend to become button mashers(FF13 for instance) with some being good and requiring some thought and skill in button order and strategy, and offer ways to interactively respond to the enemies actions without being on the ropes while waiting out the rotation(again FF13 actually did this well).

Anyhow, the only time I don't like turn based is when you seem to sit there forever waiting for the computer to finish it's turns, or if there just isn't any variety in the actual combat system so it might as well be a button masher.

On a side note, I was rather annoyed when SE took out the ability to pause the ATB system when your turn came up.

Bigpappy1594d ago

It all depends on the market. If realtime combat is selling at a much higher clip then more developers will focus on that, because publishers are going to push in that direction.

Having said that, turn base does have a place is attracting people who aren't into fast paced action combat.

I personally get more emerged into the world if the combat is very violent and it reflects the power and strength of the protagonist. Things like having the knees buckle when struck in the head with a 15lb hammer, or the sword going into the gut and coming out the back then lifting him in the air and slamming him to the ground on the other side; sticking the sword in his chest and having to put a foot on his chest to wiggle it out.

I would never want to do these things to a person in real life mind you, but it sells the angry hero roll a lot better than turn-base could for me.

Goku7811594d ago

I really miss the epicness that was Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, and FF7. The time and quality that went into those are unmatched.

Roccetarius1594d ago

In reality, FF7 was not a turn based game. Once the bar for the enemy completed, they would fire off an attack.

True turn based games don't have a timer for attacking.

rainslacker1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

FF7 gave the option to stop the action on your turn. Best of both worlds IMO. Either way it was still turn based, as you had to wait on your turn, just more real time.

But yeah, not technically turn based. Sometimes annoyingly so.

MrSwankSinatra1594d ago

FFVII is timed based, not turn based.

Muzikguy1594d ago

Turn based games aren't dead. I love them and so do millions of others. Companies, especially Squeenix, need to be making more of these. So much better games IMO

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