The Playstation Now Beta, & What Needs To Change

The Playstation Now Open Beta has officially launched! The service was originally announced at CES, and the open beta was announced at E3 2014. I have yet to actually play a game through PS Now, but I’ve browsed the games list and prices, and I’m not very happy. The game library is very diverse, which is great, but the actual games aren’t very exciting. The most notable games (IMO) are Twisted Metal, Killzone 3, Dirt 3, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I think Sony missed a huge opportunity by not including huge PS3 titles. I think games like the Uncharted series and the inFAMOUS series should have been included in the service, for gamers who missed those games on PS3. By including games that aren’t very popular, Sony is going to lose a lot of potential buyers of the service.

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Insomnia_841297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

Looks like you never rented a video game before if you think ALL the prices are bad. The only price option that wouldn't look too provocative to most is the 4hr rental. I would never rent a game for 4 hours but I'm pretty sure some people will if it fits their needs.

I will definitely pay for the 7-day and 30-day rentals. Those too are the best options imo. Alone In The Dark: Inferno is at $4.99 for 90 days! I will check that out as I loved the original game on PS2 but never tried the Inferno.

BadPiggie1231297d ago

I said that most of the prices are bad. The weekly rentals have reasonable prices and 30 day rentals are mostly good. The 4 hour and 90 day rentals are most of the problem. $50 for 90 days on F1 2013? That's horrible! I'm not saying all of the games are priced bad, but the majority are.

ABizzel11297d ago

1. Pricing: The prices aren't all bad, and some are actually pretty fair. The problem is nothing is standardized and giving publishers the option of pricing means it never ever will be. The one good thing is that this is still a beta, and now that Sony and the publishers have this knowledge on their side they can price accordingly.

2. Rental Lengths: 4 hour rental has to go, it should at least be 1 day. 1 day, weekend special, 7 days, 30 days, and 90 days are good options. Honestly I don't think the 90 day option really needs to be there, because at that point you might as well buy the game.

Rent it
1 day: $1.99
Weekend: $2.99
7 days: $4.99
30 days: $9.99
90 days: $14.99

Keep it: (If all games are marked as Greatest Hits price of $20)
If you rented the game for 1 day / weekend prior to "keep it" $18
If you rented the game for 7 days prior to "keep it" $15
If you rented the game for 30 days prior to "keep it" $10
If you rented the game for 90 days prior to "keep it" $5

Those are prices many people can get behind. $2 a day is the same as Redbox. $3 for the weekend is perfect for most gamers, since I imagine that's when you have the most time to game. And by pricing the longer rental periods at a lower entry fee, it entices gamers to go with the longer rental period meaning more money ($2 try it, if they like it they'll likely do the 90 day service next).

3. Subscription Service: I don't know how this is going to work considering the pricing tier is likely what publishers want, but the only thing I can think of is they give you a voucher to rent a certain amount of games each month at no charge as long as you have your subscription up to date. (Probably one game per week). One things for sure the subscription can't be over $10/mo., and I'd prefer a $50 a year option / PS+ Platinum option for $100/yr. that gives you a year of PS+ and PS Now access.

4. Improve catalog: This service is going to be the future of PlayStation, and the PS5 is possibly their last console. It's good there are over 100 games, but for the service to be taken seriously there needs to be huge library updates seasonally, if not monthly, if not weekly (I'm talking at least 20 new games at the beginning of every month). Get PSOne, PS2, and PSP games up there ASAP.

Dwalls11711297d ago

Make it a subscription service. .with who 2 Skus
Stream PS3 games - 10$ month
Stream PS3 PS2 PS1 PSP games 15$month


BadPiggie1231297d ago

That seems reasonable, as long as they have enough content to back it up. If they had all of the games I wanted, I would sell my PS3 and use that money for PS Now.

alwayzbusi11297d ago

Okay, here's what people need to understand. PS Now is not like renting a game in the form of redbox or gamefly. You are not running the game on your PS4 (it can't) so it's more like renting a game plus the console to run it on.

Think of it like back in the day when you could rent the actual console plus the game from Blockbuster. Also keep in mind that GameStop, Redbox, Gamefly, or any other store or service can't do anything for you if you don't have a PS3. That's the point of now and the main reason it should do well when it fully launches across PS family and TVs. With that taken into consideration, the pricing is not that bad but could still use some adjustments.

On the flip side of the coin. If you have a PS3 then PS Now may not be the best option for you. You could probably find the game cheaper elsewhere and also own it. But that's for you to determine on your own. But don't forget to factor in gas, and/or time taken to get that game. Also remember you're still renting their PS3 servers to play a rented game on your PS3 hardware that can do the same thing but locally and better.

funkybudda1297d ago

The current pricing structure needs to be changed, right now it's not worth the price for most of the options available.

JewyMcJew1297d ago

It's too slow for my old-cartridge-accustomized brain to handle. Netflix is wonderfully instant... please get some SSD's Sony!

DOOMZ1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

GET THAT PRICE DOWN! Then I might actually use it on occasion...

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