Halo: The Master Chief Collection Listed For PC On Amazon Spain

DSOGaming writes: " has listed Halo: The Master Chief Collection for the PC. Still, and despite the fact that Amazon has leaked a number of games in the past (and since it’s pretty obvious that this Halo compilation will drive Xbox One’s sales), we strongly suggest taking it with a grain of salt."

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cl19831509d ago

Why I hope it's true for pc fans being that at SDCC 343 said there currently have no plans for a pc release I have to doubt this.

JackOfAllBlades1509d ago

I really hope it's true, Microsoft needs to show the master race some love!

Hanuman1509d ago

Then get ready to bend over..

guitarded771509d ago

Probably a listing error, but I could go for it... my first experience with Halo was on PC at a friend's house. Sucks for people who don't own consoles (for whatever reason) to get a taste, and then be left high and dry.

TFJWM1509d ago

I can see it happening but no way they would ever confirm it till well after its been out on XBox1

thehobbyist1509d ago

I don't think it's false. If it was this would be the second time they've falsely listed it for PC. Which I've never seen happen before.

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LAWSON721509d ago

I really don't see it happening... This is MS heavy hitter for Xbone and to put it on PC deducts reasons for buying Xbone. It does not bother me if it happened but it could be a mistake for MS.

BiggerBoss1509d ago

I kinda agree. MS wants people to have a reason to buy the XbOne, and with as much flak as titanfall got for being multiplat, I highly doubt they'll release MCC on PC

Codewow1509d ago

I don't think it would hurt the sales of Xbox at all. The people who buy it on PC are likely the ones who already own a gaming rig and the people who don't own one will likely buy the Xbox to play it.

jeromeface1509d ago

The consoles are there to drive software sales. Software sales is where the money is made... why do you think companies are willing to sell consoles at a loss. They would make the development costs back. So the project would make money, it would be stupid not to.

tee_bag2421509d ago

They might just offer it 6 months later or something. There's no good reason for it not to come to PC other than not to piss of people who bought a X1 just for the game.. so I say bring it to the PC after a while.

TimeSkipLuffy1509d ago

then they are pissed that their Master Chief is not console exclusive anymore and Playstation fans will have a reason to say there is one less console exclusive for XBOX

thehobbyist1509d ago

It doesn't really. Because everyone who bought an Xbone for halo is still going to buy it on Xbone regardless.

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OpieWinston1509d ago

Listed for PC with no "PC Placeholder Cover"
Yeah that's a typo.

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