An illustrated history of the 'Console Wars'

Earlier this year, Blake J. Harris released Console Wars, a history of the battle between Sega and Nintendo that dominated the early 1990s. The book functions as somewhat of a spiritual sequel to Game Over, which recounted the rise of Nintendo in the 1980s. Console Wars picks up where that left off, centering largely on Sega's early struggles against Nintendo's iron grip on the US market, and on former Sega of America CEO Tom Kalinske. It's through the eyes of Kalinske that we learn how Sega went from underdog to industry titan and back again in the span of one console generation.

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optimus1475d ago

this is a good read, not the book (which i'm sure it is), but the article...Just loved the way Sega was on the attack back then. Hope someone will have the testicular fortitude to do that today.