Cutting Half the Violence From TLoU Would Make it a Better Game

The author contends that Naughty Dog didn't need to continually resort to such brutal violence throughout the adventure.

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Snookies121481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

The whole point they were trying to get across was that Joel and those around him lived in a brutal kill or be killed world... That's the very theme of the game, the violence.

jreeves821481d ago

That's exactly the way I saw the game.

Vitalogy1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

I wish the author would tell me how would he tell a story of an apocalyptic world full of violence with the premisse kill or be killed without violence.

morganfell1480d ago appears the reasoning in that article is anorexic as well.

FriedGoat1480d ago

Everyone knows a real post apocalyptic world would be cakes and flowers.

Ezz20131480d ago

i agree with this article
Joel is a monster
instead of trying to survive every one who's trying to kill him from Thugs to Clickers

He should give them roses and tell them to be his friend ...(well,it's kinda hard to tell that to Clicker though)

extermin8or1480d ago

lol @Ez2014 hahaha you even lose when the clickers hug and 'bite' you :p so maybe they understand better than we think....

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hulk_bash19871480d ago

The feeling I got while playing the game was that the violence depicted and that you carry out as both Joel and Ellie are necessary for the world they live in.

Neixus1480d ago

I feel like this is one of the few games that has meaningfull violence in it. I think it's quite necessary for the game to have such a dark atmosphere.

Ezz20131480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

i have been playing games since Atari
in fact i come out of my mother belly‬‏ with video game controler

this game is one of the very few game with violence that actually make sense

Pozzle1480d ago

Exactly. The extreme violence also makes the moments of peace so much more special.

BiggerBoss1480d ago



Like the scene where Joel and Ellie see the giraffes just wouldn't be as meaningful if it wasn't for the dark, gritty tone in most of the game

Visiblemarc1480d ago

Yeah I agree.

In what world does a "less violent" post-apocalyptic hellscape make any sense?

Some games are violent, some aren't.

So sick of people whining.

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Brennan1481d ago

Besides the fact that I see about 10 reviews for this game every day; this is the dumbest thing I've seen in a while

ExposingLames1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

very. the removal of this article and those involved with it would make the internet a better place. And the violence in that game has massive meaning. Look at the state of things in the game world. I see these articles and I just shake my head......

telekineticmantis1480d ago

(Directed towards the author)

Yes lets make the game into beyond two souls/heavy rain, so people can complain about it "not being an actual game", and "it's like playing a cutscene".

Gamers have to learn and understand, we have to become better gamers, and expand our palette, before we can expect anything different, and to have a diverse gaming industry, the likes of(or even close to,the likes of) the movie industry. We could possibly be seeing our first video comedy in a long time with "Quantic Dreams" next game: The Dark Sorceror , i'm personally interested, I wonder how the community will react.

My ex loved heavy rain, imagine if there were more games like that to inspire her to get into games possibly game development, now that brings in more diversity in itself.

Zenith4k1480d ago

What a pointless article, considering it's a post apocalyptica survival horror genre, that has many aspect of the book 'the road' it's suppose to be despotic game. It's not like their advertising it as a Pokemon game. Pointless save your reading for something worth reading

Michiel19891480d ago

The violence makes it believable, look at our world right now. ALready so much violence, imagine if infected showed up, everyone would go apeshit.

Braid1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Lul wut? It's like asking for Spielberg to take the time traveling out of Back to the Future movies. It's the very foundation of the game.

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