NIS America Change Release Dates for Two Titles

NIS America have confirmed that they have switched the release dates for Natural Doctrine and Fairy Fencer F.

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illtornworld1593d ago

Why isn't Fairy Fencer F also on Vita? :-/

Summons751593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

Because not even Sony cares about the Vita...

It's sad but true =/


Go watch the E3 conference many vita games did they mention? They hardly mentioned the Vita at e3 and hardly any devs have games in development including sony studios....

Vita is dead

Spotie1593d ago

Because Sony dictates where third parties publish their games...

rainslacker1593d ago

My guess would be because it was made for the PS3?

RTetro1593d ago

Are you high?? Maybe you missed these? I'm getting really sick of ignorant gamers coming on here talking shit about things they have no clue about.

dragooner1593d ago

Ps Vita is the platform with the most released games this year. Quite fun for the "Vita has no game" part many try to tell the world.

illtornworld1592d ago

Still Fairy Fencer F would be AMAZING on Vita, NIS will probably bring it to Vita next year. Ni No Kuni would also be amazing on Vita