VGChartz: Xbox 360 Sales top Lifetime Xbox Sales in the UK

VGChartz reports that for the week ending June 7, Microsoft's Xbox 360 sold an estimated 23,484 units in the UK. That total pushes it to lifetime sales of 2,320,543 units in the UK. The original Xbox sold 2,320,384 units in the UK from its launch in March of 2002 through March of 2007, a period of almost exactly five years. Xbox 360 has performed much better in the UK than its predecessor. From December 2, 2005 to June 7, 2008, a period just over 2.5 years Xbox 360 has topped its predecessor in the UK.

In 141 weeks, Xbox 360 has sold 2,320,543 units in the UK, an average of 16,458 units since launching. The original Xbox sold 2,320,384 units in the UK in 263 weeks, for an average of 8,823 units over the duration of its lifetime.

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Bladestar3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

I think that's not bad...
The xbox 360 is doing at least 2 times better than it's predecessor across the board and a lot more in the US... Lots of xbox 360 would like to consider the xbox 360 a failure but this proves otherwise.

If the xbox 360 is doing 2 times better than the orinal xbox... how will the xbox 720 do in comparison? if it can do 2 times better than the xbox 360 that would be a very happy microsoft.

ohh and for the record.. I do not trust VGChartz... they are sony fanboys and always show the PS3 selling more.. even in the US.. where proven by NPD wrong... so, the xbox 360 probably top the original xbox many months ago.

Cyrus3653840d ago

or it can easily do 2 times as worse as the original Xbox. Nothing is guarenteed. Just loook at Nintendo they dominated the 8 bit, and 16 bit generation, and then look what happened to n64, and gamecube, basically went from first to last...then look at Wii.

Or look at Sony, they dominated the with the PS1 and PS2 era, and they'll be hard pressed to match, that with PS3, and even if they do, they definitely lost market share to Nintendo and 360.

Breakfast3840d ago

"ohh and for the record.. I do not trust VGChartz... they are sony fanboys and always show the PS3 selling more.. even in the US.. where proven by NPD wrong... so, the xbox 360 probably top the original xbox many months ago."

Everyone says say theyre xbox fanboys, and apparently some say theyre Sony fanboys... bout we say theyre garbage....and we'll all be happy.

Bladestar3840d ago

What happened to Nintendo was well deserved... they figured that they could make more money if they cut 3rd party developers... they even staved Sony which cause the creation of Playstation... Sony helped 3rd party developers and practically saved the game industry... (give credit where credit is due)...

Why is the wii a success.. did Nintendo change? noo.... they got lucky... this time they find a way to sell consoles without the need of games or even 3rd party developers... Nintendo are the same... they making a ton of money on hardware and can care less that 3rd party developers aren't getting some of that... lol.

Sony is bleeding marketshare because they decided to focus on the movie side of things and blu-ray... they weren't thinking only on the best interest of gamers... but also looking at the so call big picture where they can make a ton of money selling blu-ray movies if the format would to win... Look at how many JRPG games the PS2 had compare to the PS3? look at the games... Sony focused on blu-ray hurt the game side of things...

microsoft on the other hand took advantage of that.. and it pushing games... games... and games... and don't sharing that money with 3rd party developers.... including paying for time exclusives...

Nothing magic about what's going on in the game industry... lucky Sony they have some loyal developers like Kojima... and a large fanbase...
but if you cut metal gear and Final fantasy from the exclusive list of PS3 games... because they love Sony... and reasons... since sony kind of save Kojima's and many developers like Square @$$ when Nintendo hang them to dry...

Sony better not try another stun like this... again.. they did lose lots of developers and many of the developers that would only make their games on the PS2 now are made on the xbox 360...

luckily for Sony... some developers are still loyal to them and the PS2 is big as a brand... but what they did with the PS3 and blu-ray did cause them a big chunck of loyal developers and fanbase regardless if it made sense for Sony on the long run... at the end of the day gamers and game developers priorities will always be games... and the console maker that do the most to keep it that way will be the one leading...

Cyrus3653840d ago

Actually I think the owners of the site are Nintendo fanboys, regular propping up DS and Wii numbers, but nintendo don't really care there generally casual fans, and won't be bothered to get into Console X sales better than Console Y and vice versa.

Cyrus3653840d ago

^^ well said Blademask, I think it's great that there all 3 parties here, giving developers and gamers choice here.

Everyone has made mistakes, no doubt Sony was really aroggant when they announced PS3, thinking all gamers would flock to it, as well as developers, just cause it was Sony machine. And obviously they have been humbled by it, there alot more cautious...and maybe hungry even like the Sony of old when they lanuched PS1.

And Msoft learned alot of mistakes from Xbox, and hopefully they'll learn from the 360, I figure what's holding alot of purchases back is the realability of the system, and like it or not, even if it's a fixed, it's an issue that'll plague the system till the launch of microsoft next system, and even then people will be cautious till they see some results, but i'm sure msoft will learn.

Nintendo has just caught the world attention with their "input" device, and good for them, cause I don't think there is room for 3 bleeding edge consoles, if they were all the same.

Dannagar3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )


I notice you have extra bubbles. For some reason I have extra bubbles too. I'm used to operating off of 3 bubbles or so. Though I own all systems and consider myself a non-fanboy; Playstation 3 fanboys never like what I say and always take away my bubbles. What's going on here?

Jack Meahoffer3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Kudos to all of you.

Any gamer that looks at this industry without some type of bias has to give Nintendo and MS credit for what they've accomplished this generation. You'd also have to give Sony credit for successfully changing course. Success can blind you. It happens in any industry. The PS3 is a great machine even if I disagree with the Sony fans on this site that claim it can do nothing wrong. Sony is back on the right track now and will most certainly end this generation with the most market share although nothing close to last generation.

Its remarkable to me how balanced this generation is. All three platforms have pros and cons. For me all three are must own.

It's a cliche but this is truly a great time to be a gamer. Now if people could just lighten up and try to be open minded, stop with the fanboy gotcha game and let the games speak for themselves N4G would be a better place for gamers.

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Imallvol73840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

I had no idea the original xbox did so poorly in Europe!

Edit: Why the disagree? Is 2 million consoles sold good for a country like Europe?

Kyur4ThePain3840d ago

Country...Europe. Sigh.

BTW, I wasn't the one who disagreed.

wicked3840d ago

I think they are talking about just in the UK.

caffman3840d ago

come on, who's going to slap him?

360_Rules3840d ago

Yeah everybody knew this already except Sony fanboys! The rate the PS3 is selling it's going to take 10 years to reach the old PS2 record! Hahahahhahahaa Sony droids pwnt! Hahahaha

PoSTedUP3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

360 isnt going to reach the old ps2 record, period : o

what was it? 5 times more than the xbox1? o by the way, where is the xbox 1? is it still breathing? no? ok then zip it.

Aclay3840d ago

The Xbox 360's biggest limitations is that it's fanbase can't expand outside of the U.S. or U.K. With the way that the U.S. Economy is right now, Microsoft can't be depending on U.S. console sales like they always have been.

It's pretty obvious that the Original Xbox didn't sell that much because it was a new console on the market that was competiting with the PS2 monster that couldn't be stopped. This generation of gaming will be a lot more competitive because so many game titles are being released on both the PS3 and 360.

The lineup of Xbox 360 Japanese RPG's could attract more Japanese buyers for the Xbox 360, but I doubt that it will have a big impact because Japanese people support Japanese console companies and most likely it will always be that way. Microsoft selling their console in Japan is just a lost cause when you consider the fact that the 360 has been out for nearly 3 years in Japan and it hasn't even sold past 700,000 units yet, but the PS3 has only been out in Japan for almost 2 years and it's sold over 2 million units AND the PS3 is more expensive, so that basically says that regardless of the price, Japanese gamers want the PS3... and of course, the Wii.

dan-boy3840d ago

why bother posting in the 360 threads?? and everything you say is negative anyway. your japanese comparison just shows how stupid and niave you are. and, it shows just how much sony have fallen in japan. only 2mil, when the wii is on nearly 7mil in japan. microsoft is gonna finbd it difficult correct...even with all the jrpgs. but sony which dominated two generations is outperformed by nintendo in every region, barely keeps up with microsoft in NA and only sells roughly 150k a month more WORLD-WIDE than the 360!!! and i'm being generous with the 150k, it's probably a lot less than that.

just stay in the ps3 threads. your nothing more than a troll.

dcbronco3840d ago

But, Microsoft's problem will not be the economy in America. We would have to go into a depression for the economy to really hurt the gaming industry at this point. The industry has become too strong. It's taken away from every other major entertainment segment. People will still buy for their children for Christmas, they will cut back on things for themselves first.

The 360s problems in the rest of the world have a lot to do with our government. Pretty much nobody wants anything to do with America at this point.

jessupj3839d ago

With petrol prices prices the way they're going up, it won't be long until a depression hits. My fiance in the US told me that petrol will hit $5 a gallon but july.

wallace10003839d ago

Whoah there sailor! I am Canadian and the 360 is selling great here. Incase you were implying it, not sure if you were, the US and Canada are two different places.

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