I Grew Up With Capcom – Now What?

After generations of great games, how did Capcom get to the point where the investors, at first, thought it could be a good idea to open Capcom to a buyout?

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SpinalRemains1381597d ago

The real Ghosts N Goblins in arcade was my favorite. Section Z too. Capcom has made so many classics.

Ezz20131596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Capcom used to be one of my top developers ever in Ps1/ps2 Era

The Amazing Amazing games they brought to us back in the day
DMC games
Dino Crisis 1/2
RE 1-4
Street Fighter

i'm soo sad that they are not what they used to be

Matt6661596d ago

Sorry RE 4 was not amazing, that when it changed from survival horror into an action game. RE1-CVx was survival horror. RE4-6 should of not been called RE.

XtraTrstrL1596d ago

They have, if only the devs could have more control, and stop trying to broaden the consumer base for each franchises genre. That seems to be the cause of the issues mainly, the COOs and higher ups forcing devs to change up the formula in an always unsuccessful attempt to reach more than just the IPs base consumer type. They always end up ruining the overall experience and isolating the game from it's genre and play style to the point that almost no one wants to play it.

They just need some people with sense in the higher positions is all, and to stop outsourcing so much. I can't believe they outsourced Strider to Double Helix and made it a little PSN title. That was very saddening to me, with how huge of a character Strider is. It's like they don't care anymore about anything other than sales figures and saving on production costs. A bit more in-house effort and better handling and respect for the dev cycle would go a long way.

dcbronco1596d ago

The problem is the gamers. Gamers want life to continue on like the old days. That is an impossibility. Games have broaden their appeal in order to be profitable. It's the unfortunate state of things. That may change as Sony and Microsoft move toward a system of having multiple streams of revenue, but poor Nintendo. If they don't wake up to the idea that phones are a part of the ecosystem they may end up losing a lot more than they already have. Even if they don't want to dilute their top franchises they still need to introduce those characters in new ways on the phone and lead people to the console.

dcbronco1595d ago

"Yes, I disagree with dcbronco too".

Off topic - "Does anyone know why (insert game developer here) doesn't make games anymore?

MysticStrummer1596d ago

They ruined Resident Evil after RE3 imo, but on the other hand I did have a blast with Dragon's Dogma.

SoapShoes1596d ago

What? Code Veronica was pretty good, I thought.

MysticStrummer1596d ago

I've heard that, but I never played Code Veronica for some reason. I was talking about RE4 and onward. I know many loved RE4 but it didn't feel like RE anymore to me.

zep1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

yes i dont like RE4 also it was more like an action game than survival horror enemies drop bullets wtf RE CV has a similar gameplay with ps1 RE games for me it was good RE remake and zero on GC was also good but not 4 5 and 6 even revelation i dont like 1 bit

Donnywho1596d ago

My NES collection is dominated by Capcom and Konami. I don't know how it came to this with Capcom either. I still live in NES and SNES land though. Just in the past 4 days I've beaten Ghosts n goblins, Ninja Gaiden, (like 10 times) Contra, (like 10 times) Mike Tyson's Punchout, just last night I watched my friend beat Mega Man 2 and then watched him beat it again before heading home.

It's very easy to forget how bad things are with Capcom when you have an NES controller in your hands, and that's how I like it half the time.

Majin-vegeta1596d ago

Capcom had so many good fighters pre PS3 era.I dont know wtf happened to them this gen SMH!

Inception1596d ago

Oh man...just like the author i also grew up with capcom. Playing SF II and Final Fight on arcade and since then i put my faith on capcom.

I mean, who doesn't know capcom masterpieces such as Breath of Fire, Megaman, Onimusha, RE, DMC, Dino Crisis, Okami, God Hand, Viewtifull Joe, Ghost'n Ghoblins, Strider, MvC, Captain Commando, or Maximo?! Seriously, in the old days gamers always excited to hear capcom name. It's like hearing / watching a messiah doing his miracle works!

But now....there's only nostalgic feeling for capcom T_T

It's sad and i don't know if my old capcom will come back again...

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