Is the PC the Most Dominant Gaming Platform Ever?

CCC Says: "There are some mysteries that will simply never die. Who really shot JFK? Did we actually walk on the moon? What magical vortex does my other sock get sucked into when drying my clothes? However, all these pale in comparison to the heated (and I might add passionate) arguments that are likely to abound when you pose one simple question…console or PC. It’s been known to break up friendships and to this day is still a hot button topic among gaming enthusiasts. Our advancements and emerging technologies have done nothing to settle the debate (in fact they’ve only fueled it further.)"

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Razputin1297d ago

I'd have to say yes. Consoles are great but the library of games have been limited to the generation. I think Nintendo has done the best job with backwards compatibility, Sony and Microsoft don't really care, we can only wait to see what happens with Sony's Playstation Now.

But with PC you literally have an endless library. Hell you can even emulate a lot of consoles.

PC I believe is the most dominant because of what seems like a billion indie titles are being released in bundles alone.

We may not have some of the nice console exclusives, but we do have a fairly large library.

gamernova1297d ago

True, PC is dominant. As people continue to discover how easy and what a great investment PC gaming is, it is only going to get more dominant.