Don't Try PSNow if You Live Outside the USA

Gamers living outside the USA and are eager to try out Playstation's solution to backwards compatibility may want to wait a bit before buying.

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jujubee881177d ago

Of course you shouldn't. When Playstation EU says so, they will notify the region when those servers go on. ;)

RashBandicoot1177d ago

I'm saying that cause it won't even play. Low connection or not.

NewMonday1177d ago

internet speed is only the half of it when it comes to internet gaming in general, the other important half is location of servers.

my speed tested through is 200Mbps/3ms ping, but that is only when the contacted server is in the same city, this is what happens when I changed server locations (I'm in the middle east)..

Europe servers -------- 18Mbps/90ms
USA(east) servers --- 15Mbps/170ms
USA(west) servers -- 13Mbps/220ms

low PING is important for PSnow, Sony needs to set up local servers in Europe first.

1177d ago
RosweeSon1177d ago

I would have thought so and hopefully sorted out the prices that everyone keeps banging on about, zzz! It's a beta!

djplonker1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )


yeah us in europe know we have to wait to use it... in 2015.

opoikl1177d ago

And even then I'll be holding my breath for their currency exchange rates.

sergons1177d ago

[email protected] your speedresults only means when your broadband provider sucks badly. There is no way for such speed degradation in normal conditions. In some countries some internet providers offer high speed broadband only locally. That's why your results sucks.

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bicfitness1177d ago

Works fine in Canada. You know, one of the TWO announced territories for the beta lol What is the purpose of this article, other than to point out the obvious? "Stuff not announced or designed anywhere for except USA and Canada doesn't work in other regions: report".

iamnsuperman1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Of course not. This is like getting Netflix US to work in the UK or BBC iplayer in the US. You need to do a work around. Now on the PS4 that is much more difficult. When it comes to PC the process should be a lot easier.

16bitNutritionist1177d ago

You can get US Netflix to work in the UK though :)

Kurisu1177d ago

"...eager to try out Playstation's solution to backwards compatibility"

People still don't understand that it's not backwards compatibility!

dboyman1177d ago

People don't want to spend more $$$ for extra hardware for TRUE BC. They don't want to pay $500-$600 for a PS4 su with built in Cell/RSX (software emulation wont work due to how different the Cell processor is vs the X86 type CPU the PS4 has)..

Just Wish Sony would give us the option though....

talocaca1177d ago

Same in Japan.

The Japanese PSN shows no sign of PSNow....I went to the US PSN and it is there.

It even gladly let me pay for a rental and confirm it...just not play it :/

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The story is too old to be commented.