What's Up With Club Nintendo?

CCC Says: "There's been a lot of buzz about Club Nintendo over the past month. The Big N's customer reward program gives out special Gold and Platinum level rewards each year for customers who register a ton of Nintendo games. In the past, Gold club members have received a calendar and Platinum folks have received some kind of unique Nintendo swag."

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Buff10441593d ago

It costs so many points to Platinum that there's a good chance fans purchased some or most of the games offered for reward, so Nintendo dropped the ball here. Disappointing to see. Earthbound for free is cool, but come on, if you're a Club Nintendo member, you probably own Earthbound already.

randomass1711593d ago

At least it's free. You could always just sell the code if you had all of the games they offered.

swice1592d ago

I personally am pleased that I got a free game for Platinum. DKC Returns 3D for free? That's a $30 game...yes please.

I lucked out because I didn't own it yet