PS4 Drops to $349 at Sam's Club

Hardcore Gamer: It's not often we see successful consoles drop in price so soon after launch, but the PS4 is currently $349 at Sam's Club.

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ValKilmer1268d ago

Wow, I wonder if this is signals a new incoming price point to compete with the $399 Xbox One?

iamnsuperman1268d ago

Or its just a retailer providing a deal. Those do happen you know.

sonarus1268d ago

deals like this for ps4 have been rare or non existent. but way too early for official ps4 price cut.

DeadlyOreo1268d ago

700p is never a good deal.

XtraTrstrL1268d ago

Poor X1, this wasn't even necessary. Calm down Sony, you're just being mean now.

BX811268d ago

So does a lower price point you know.

chrismichaels041268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Great deal for anyone looking to pick up a PS4.

1268d ago
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Destrania1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

'to compete with the $399 Xbox One' hahaha, wow, PS4 is already owning it without a price drop, so no, just no.

Aomizuchi1268d ago

I was lead to the same conclusion.

LAWSON721268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Yeah makes sense?

PS4 best selling next gen system even when Xbone drops in price gets a $50 price drop to remain competitive and make Sony lose money with each system sold despite the high demand and profit. I see if I don't use my brain it all adds up.

Anyways Sam's Club is not your average retailer they are a wholesale store (primary purpose is to buy in bulk at lower prices) and to my knowledge is membership shoppers only. Correct me if I am wrong though not educated on the matter.

So your average gamer would save no money unless of course they were an average Sam's club member taking advantage of their wholesale offers which is probably not the case for most unless you are a caterer or have a family of 5+. The membrship is $45 a year.

If I was to come to a conclusion they are not exactly selling or there are simply to many in stock due to all these things I stated so $50 off deal

TheFallenAngel1268d ago

Why would they need to do that? It's already outselling the xbone.

BX811268d ago

To keep selling. Not that they need to but it might persuade SAMs shoppers. Sony is on a roll with the ps4.

SteamPowered1268d ago

I think for there to be a competition there has to be some adversity.

HeWhoWalks1268d ago

The PS4 isn't having any trouble competing at is current price point (made obvious by the lack of any real threat from the X1 in NPD or otherwise).

It'r probably just a simple retailer discount.

truefan11268d ago

According to ps4 fans, when deals this good come around they are trying to get rid of excess stock. Those ps4's must be stock piling in the back.

eferreira1268d ago

There's a difference with the ps4 though, they are actually selling.

cee7731268d ago

The difference is even microsoft themselves were selling the titanfall and forza bundles for $450 along major retailers as well

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incredibleMULK1268d ago

Good deal. Hopefully x1 will do $349, I'll buy a second one.

greenlantern28141267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Why Is your first one broken?
Or do you want to be able to hook one up to the other so you can say "Xbox play Xbox"

GT671268d ago

in gamestop today : notice used ps4 selling at 349 so sams club must be selling used ps4 's at 349.00

ricochetmg1268d ago

A piece drop is welcomed by not needed to be competitive.

greenlantern28141267d ago

To compete against the 400$ XB1, you mean the same XB1 that it is destroying in sales? No I think this is one retailer who wants more people to come buy from them, so they offer a price cut on a popular product.
Also I am pretty sure that prices is for members which membership coast money. So maybe they hope to attract more members

DirtyLary1267d ago

Crazy, picked up the PS4 for $359.00 from newegs Ebay Store, then Sams trumps them with this price.

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mydyingparadiselost1268d ago

If I can come up with the money and Sam's Club can come up with the stock I'll definitely hit it up on this. I've been waiting for a price drop to pick up a PS4 and this would do just fine :D

bigtrucknd1268d ago

Just checked their website and it's listed as 399 and also out of stock?

JonnyBigBoss1268d ago

Just went to Sam's Club. It's $449 for the Knack bundle. No other options. This deal might only be available at one store.

RantandRave1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )


"PS4 Drops to $349 at Sam's Club"

Read these lines you wrote "The PS4 is currently $349 at Sam’s Club. The deal is on now until August 26." Next time try a title like PS4 on sale instead giving a summary of "It's not often we see successful consoles drop in price so soon after launch". Stop baiting and instead imply that this is nothing more then a sale price. Just saying.

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