IGN: Madden Blog: Animation Part II

When it comes to video game animation and quality, there are 3 factors: Time, Money and Quality, and you can pick any 2 of them. Well, this is actually not set in stone because it lacks one crucial factor: The Holy Grail, that is workflow and iteration speed. EA's animation system is designed to take what used to be weeks and turn it in to a few minutes of turning dials; what used to take them hours (seeing them work in game, or FEELING their animation as dictated by the controls) is now instant and editable. What used to be impossible to tune visually (like transitions), can now not only tune it but use it to make the game more fun and responsive. These tools give back time, and time gives quality. More importantly, gamers can really quickly "find the fun fast" in the gameplay design

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Alcohog3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

I'm embarrassed for them when I see them touting this as great animation.