Wii launch a sucker punch for PS3

Nintendo has followed up Sony's sell-out North American debut for the PlayStation 3 with a Wii sell-out of its own.
Hitting the shops just days after the PS3 was greeted by queues in the country's major cities, similar scenes were seen for the Wii, although some sources are reporting that those lining up didn't all look like your typical games fans.

Indeed, it would seem the universal appeal of the DS has spread to the Wii, with men and (gasp) women all getting in line for Nintendo's latest offering.

While Sony only managed to ship between 300,000 and 400,000 units to North America for day one of the PS3 on Friday (all of them sold, naturally), Nintendo had pledged to have between "five to ten" times as many Wiis on U.S. shelves, meaning any kind of sell-out would equate to day one figures of anywhere between 1.5 million and 4 million.

That's some knock-out blow - to Sony and Microsoft.

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THAMMER14404d ago

Will own holiday 2006. In 24hrs they sold almost 1,000,000.

blackninja174404d ago

so it goes 1 - xbox 360 2 Wii and 3rd place ps3 - im sure it wont be there for long and be up there with the wii and x360.