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Call of Duty Access Plan Would be Slam Dunk For Xbox One

Hardcore Gamer: Teaming up with Xbox for a Call of Duty Access Plan -- a console that already gets all of the series' DLC packs early -- would make Xbox One the unquestionable home of the franchise. (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Xbox One)

ValKilmer  +   182d ago
If you could access all of the past Call of Duty games on the Xbox One, I don't think a lot of gamers would ever play another console again.
DirtyPimp  +   182d ago
speak for yourself. i cannot stand the xbox controller when i play call of duty games.

@valkilmer well now you have
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ValKilmer  +   182d ago
I have to be honest -- I've never heard anybody say that before.
christocolus  +   182d ago
That's so weird cos the xbox one controller feels very comfy..to be honest its one of the reasons my friends and i do most of our gaming on xbx. when it comes to shooters the controller feels great.its spot on. The triggers and the thumbsticks are very well placed especially for shooters.

Its the first time I've seen any gamer complain about playing any shooting game with the controller.
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poor_cus_of_games  +   182d ago
I agree. The xbox pad is horrible. Sticks in the wrong places.
4Sh0w  +   182d ago
@DirtyPimp/poor cus of games, yeah I can't say its the first time I heard such statements but its very rare, then again the last time I heard that it was also on n4g.

Xbox controller is awesome, its preference but I also see them used a lot more often on PC than I do for ps controllers. Browsing pc sites and gaming accessory sites has plenty more controllers which emulate the design of xbox controllers because so many people like the setup/layout of xbox controller.
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UnHoly_One  +   182d ago
Being as how 99% of your posts are trolling Xbox, I can't say I put much faith in your choice of controller.
Mikeyy  +   182d ago
50% of the cod playerbase is on Playstation, and even more so on the next gen version.

So saying the xbox controller is the preferred cod controller is simply false.

Advertising makes cod an xbox game. Reality and sales say otherwise.
troylazlow  +   182d ago
And lets not forget about the rumble in the triggers. If you haven't tried it you are missing out. it adds a whole new sense immersion to it.
700p  +   182d ago
BUT the xbox controller is one of the best out there.
strangeaeon  +   182d ago
I prefer the asymmetrical thumbsticks, you can get better purchase with your thumbs when turning quickly.
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user1439414  +   182d ago
I prefer PC gaming for FPS like Call of Duty and Battlefield and use a keyboard and mouse. Even if they brought all the games to the Xbox One Call of Duty 2 would still be in 720p 30fps like the rest of the cods on the XBONE.
SonofGod  +   182d ago
I have NEVER heard anyone say that before. And considering the fact that you have consistently been trolling almost every Xbox article, no one should take your comment seriously.

That or you got some sort of mutant hands.

You're probably on of those people who wants the PS4 to be the only console in the world and Sony getting no competition from other companies am I right?

Hating the competition's product is retarded.
DigitalRaptor  +   182d ago
@ SonofGod

"That or you got some sort of mutant hands."

Excuse me whilst i laugh for a sec.

The human hands are of SYMMETRICAL design.

The Xbox controller is of ASYMMETRICAL design.

If there are any group of gamers out there more comfortable with the Xbox controllers, then I would have a case to claim that they have some sort of mutant hands.
headblackman  +   182d ago

a real gamer can play with any controller. and being that the x1 controller is the best in the game, there is no real excuse other than brand loyalty. it's not cheating on your girlfriend to play on the x1 or to give it credit. it's just a video game just like the ps4 is just a video game. stop treating this situation like gang wars!
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sckipt  +   182d ago
It depends if the Xbox one can run the game better than ps4
Bigpappy  +   182d ago
This is a no go. It can't be just COD.
Deano7394  +   182d ago
Past Call of Duty games are practically dead and full of hackers. Every year the masses flock to the new COD so why would people want to play the past games when all their friends will most likely be playing the newest iteration.
iamnsuperman  +   182d ago
For previous COD games? Incredibly unlikely that will have any meaningful impact. For future COD games then it would be a big deal
spike  +   182d ago
Dirty Pimp is just a fan boy. Dont pay attention to this moron.
TheFallenAngel  +   182d ago
Wow people are still trying to find ways to save the xbone? Jesus. Not being a fanboy. Xbone don't need saving because it's doing ok. But all these articles saying how xbox could have advantages because of this or that is retarded.
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Bizzare21  +   182d ago
Shut up fanboy.
700p  +   182d ago
fanboy pls
Soldierone  +   182d ago
For future games, it'd be amazing. The question would then be, how much of a hit would Activision take? Offer a 30 dollar service for all CODs, and get the new one too? Or will it be 30 dollars for all CODs, with the ability to buy the new one at a discount?

For me to like it, it'd have to be "free" new COD with a discount on DLC. If it's just access to older ones, it isn't really that great. I have the ones I want and don't go back and play any of them.
iamnsuperman  +   182d ago
The hit would be immensely huge. The problem with subscription services for new games is the consumer can just pay for 2 or 3 months worth of content (until they get bored). So even if it was £10 a month Activision could end up loosing half of the profits it makes right now. To offset that they realistically need to go for £20 which is just insane

Activision's main game is COD.
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Soldierone  +   182d ago
IF they were to do something like this, it'd have to be a full year thing. Similar to season passes. Pay 30 dollars, get that years content or whatever.

Otherwise yeah, just pay when COD releases, then stop when you get tired.
SaffronCurse  +   182d ago
I don't think this would effectively kill off the rest of the consoles & PC. The people who play on Ps4 or PC will continuously buy the game on their console of choice.
castillo  +   182d ago
I say Activision & MS discuss this great idea in great detail an make it happen. Cause I got my Credit card at the ready.
mrpsychoticstalker  +   182d ago
Lol, the Xbox has always been the home of call of duty. Since the beginning. Whoever thinks otherwise is in plain denial. There's a reason they do tournaments on Xbox only.
SpideySpeakz  +   182d ago
Notice the 'opinion' aka speculation-ous piece. CoD title sold more on the PS4 than Xbone right now. That makes the PS4 the leading platform. Sorry to rain on your parade.
KNWS  +   182d ago
I never seen a Playstation Esports event. Do they happen, be curious to know. Its the only reason why Call of Duty will stick with Microsoft.

I think more casual gamers favour Playstation. Sony gamers just play for fun when they are doing nothing else. If you are a competitive gamer you're more likely to buy an xb1. There is lot more casuals gamers out there.
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SkippyPaccino  +   182d ago
Or maybe it's the fact that Activision and Microsoft have a partnership with cod...(I believe Microsoft has a partnership with the Eleague in general) That's probably the reason the tournaments are played on that system...(and the fact that 360 was the console of choice last Gen for shooters) Because if you think about it, if the playing field is even (everybody plays on the same system, Xbox one or ps4)than it doesn't matter which system the tournament is played on, because everyone has the same odds.
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DigitalRaptor  +   182d ago
"I think more casual gamers favour Playstation. Sony gamers just play for fun when they are doing nothing else. If you are a competitive gamer you're more likely to buy an xb1. There is lot more casuals gamers out there."


You really are insecure about PS4 domination, aren't you?

Not only that, but you basically just called out any gamer who prefers story-based, single-player games, or who doesn't care much for online multiplayer as "a casual gamer".

What a troll. Based on your previous comments about "games without multiplayer not being worth the money" despite the burning love the industry still holds for those kinds of games, I wonder who the real new-school casual gamer is?
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USA007  +   181d ago
You haven't watched competitive games too long. There were only PS3 mlg events for black ops 1. MLG gamers play on whatever console MLG is on. We have a controller preference, but we'll play on any console for tournaments

But yes, since BO2, microsoft has a deal with mlg until the end of advanced warfare, but then the console might change again
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jnemesh  +   182d ago
Yeah! Gimme more mindless broshooters where I can get spawnkilled by campers!

LOL COD is DONE, guys...just look at the sales figures and pre-order numbers.

Xbots are the only ones interested in that franchise any more...it ceased to be relevant when Activision gutted Infinity Ward and fired the creators.

Should we get out the chalkboard and add "COD" to the list of things that are supposed to "save" the Xbox One? That console is as good as dead guys, give it up already!

Oh, and the reason the have tournaments on Xbox? Microsoft PAYS MLG.
Brim  +   182d ago
if i don't recall in the early parts of the year Cod was the best selling game on next gen... correct me if I'm wrong of course..
MrKrispy  +   182d ago
It must get really exhausting for you waking up and going to N4G just to troll xbox articles

OT Would people even be interested in CoD Access as pretty sure more would buy the disc version instead of digital
chaosx  +   182d ago
remastered Cod Multiplayer maps running 1080p @60FPS = money money money.

throw in the Spec Ops and a separate Remastered complete Zombie game.

People would buy it….. lots of people. It would also help people leave there old consoles.
Budobear  +   182d ago
It depends on how well it streams, as this is just a streaming service right (or am I mistaken)? Would streaming be any good for on line multi player, as that's the biggest draw for CoD? If playing it from a disk gets you a better on line match I can guess wh at all happen.
strangeaeon  +   182d ago
This move would piss a lot of people that do not plan on buying an Xbox One off...I say go for it.
Predaking77  +   182d ago
With such a big competition right now with Destiny, Call of Duty cannot risk to be seen as favoring the xbone because PlayStation fans will not react by going to the store to buy a xbone, they will support Destiny more and Call of Duty will lost sales on the principal and leading console of the market right now.
gigoran  +   182d ago
Right? Because COD is the only game ever made that people care about and all other games are trash in comparison so obviously a slam dunk.

Oh wait... Totally NOT!
n4gusername  +   182d ago
This isn't about hating on CoD or MS. Actually, I do think this would help XB1 sales. But so wouldn't a lot of other things. So I can't argue with the article. My issue with XB CoD is that I have to mute so many more kids talking filth and trolling.
blackout  +   182d ago
FUK COD. Need new experiences.
FayZ_  +   181d ago
if cod access came to the bone, i would sell my ps4.
with ea access i could enjoy my bf games the best way & cod access for bone would make it the complete system.

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