Watch_Dogs 2 initalising?

MunkiMatt says "Despite a hugely differing range of opinions regarding Watch_Dogs, it was a huge selling title. The game is now the best-selling new IP at launch across the entire video game industry, with more than 4 million copies sold in the first week. It should come as no surprise then that Ubisoft are laying the groundwork for the inevitable sequel."

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totalrecoilzz1479d ago

plz dont it was a rubbish game and one ive still not bothered 2 finish because it was shite....on the other hand im having the time of my life playing the last of us now thats a good game!!

xJumpManx1479d ago

I enjoyed Watch Dogs more. Just depends on your preference of games. I find survival horror to be just boring. TLOU was a better game but Watch Dogs was more fun for me to play,

Vantage1479d ago

It was huge selling because everyone was hyped and bought the game before the truth was out.

uth111479d ago

all of the problems in the original can be fixed in a sequel, should they choose to.

extermin8or1479d ago

Well ubisoft often the first title in a new non Tom chancy franchise is lacking but the sequels tend to deliver far better. The world needs to feel more alive,shooting in car needs adding
adding. Guns need to be less prevalent and melee expanded a little bit (more animations?) a new setting is needed somewhere like London maybe? Now jordi needs to return
Aided o actually didn't mind I think people misunderstood he was meant to be quite cold and impersonal because that was how he deals with bad stuff.... His character was better than most gave credit for oh and t bone should probably come back too.

Muzikguy1479d ago

If you ask me Ubisoft has a lot to prove. I won't be fooled again. Unless WD2 delivers more on the promises of what the original was supposed to be, I'm not getting it. I strongly believe the sales this game got were based mostly on the hype. Hype that died completely after the game came out. I have no ambition to play this game anymore, and I know I'm not the only one. You-be-soft pulled a fast one on us with WD IMO

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