Wii Fit Boxing in bra and knickers... new craze afoot?

Following the covertly filmed and massively popular 'Why every guy should buy their girlfriend Wii Fit' video, it looks as if a craze may be about to begin (or at least guys hope) of women voluntarily working out with the game in skimpy outfits, then posting the evidence online for all to see.

The first is 'ktjones', a leggy brunette who is only too pleased to show off her Wii Fit Rhythm Boxing skills in just a bra and knickers

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TruthBTold3779d ago

I gotta get the girls to play in their underwear LOL.

Lifendz3779d ago

but as Wayne from Wayne's World used to say: SCHWING!!!!

MikeGdaGod3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

wtf happened to her @ss? too much WiiFit maybe?

and to all the disagrees i'm sure to get, i'm black, and in case you haven't noticed we like @ss!


#1 -


#2 -

now that's who i wanna see do some WiiFit!!!!

that chick in this video looks like she's been smokin meth. nice boobies though....yummie ;)

deeznuts3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Party on Lifendz!

Might I add, that girl's body is bangin!

Kami3779d ago

what the hell? thats nasty
wth are they showing off?? their "curves" *vomit

MikeGdaGod3779d ago


sorry i don't like girls that look like they're in eighth grade

thewhoopimen3778d ago

I agree with you that the girl could use a little more 'cushion for the pushin.' ... but that's about it.... Your examples on youtube were just a tad short of horrendous. The girls were slightly beyond big. I mean they were really chunky.

theKiller3778d ago

think she is sexy or something?? i have more meat on my ass then she does!!! she needs to put more meat on her @ss!!

no wonder wii fit sells a lot, because there is so money brainless people! if they do it for fun then its ok, but if they take it as sport and get so excited and come out make a video of her self while she is almost naked than all i can say is brainless women!!!

reaferfore203778d ago

I like big-booty-ho'z. Am I the only one that noticed they didn't show her face through the whole thing? I'm just going to assume she doesn't have one... for 4 minutes and 39 seconds. *SCHWIIIIIIINGG*

Tempist3778d ago

And so, all the progress that women have made to be on equal rights as guys who game takes a three story tumble down the stairs... Boobies FTL in this case.

meepmoopmeep3778d ago

she can come over and play with my wii anyday ;D

Tomdc3778d ago

lol here breasts are a nice size and I think ass is overated...

Nostradamus3778d ago

"cuz they got more a$$ than the models"

MikeGdaGod3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

@ thewhoopimen

agree to disagree then, cause i'd take them over this chick anytime. lol

on second thought, i probably could've found better examples. but i was just trying to get my point across. the girl in the first link was nice. the second link, not so much.

ok here's my last attempt to convert you.

pay attention to the @ss / waist ratio.

NOTORIOUSzeke3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

You do know that Buffy the Body's booty is not natural? She abused some sort of weight loss pills and it blew her ass up to astronomical proportions.

To be honest, the girl in the video does have a small butt, but its a cute butt nonetheless.

P.S. I'm also Black.

TruthBTold3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

This girl is not bad at all, Id hit that no doubt. Ofcourse there are other girls out there that are way hotter than this one but no reason to not like. Anyway this would be the only reason I could think that would make me buy a Wii, getting girls to do excercise in the undies...mamasitas LOL.

BTW I specially love pettite girls but also love women with thicker legs and hips and @ss and bigger b00bs....I love them all LOL, specially the latin ladies.

MikeGdaGod3778d ago


i could believe it. that @ss is extraordinary. and if you know the name of those pills please share the info, my girl's birthday is coming up soon. LOL

and no this girls doesn't have a cute butt. she has no butt at all. i'd pass. just because a girl has is slim and has decent boobs doesn't mean she has a nice body. it just means she's slim with nice boobs. again, its just my opinion, but i have to give her two thumbs down and -bubbles if i could. looks like her underwear's about to fall off.

thewhoopimen3778d ago

Ok I like you're second round of vid much much better. Her thighs are a lil too thick though... but I luv the rump. Anyway, i'm more about proportion and balance so here's my reBUTTal

SlyGuy3778d ago

...was that she didn't put on the wiimote (eww) wrist strap!

Almost hit the TV a couple times too!

MikeGdaGod3778d ago


nice video, very very nice. i envy that closet door. i'm glad we could come together and reach this resolution.

deeznuts3778d ago

<<<<<<<&a mp;l t;<<<<<<<
theKiller - 12 hours ago
1.7 - brainless girl
think she is sexy or something?? i have more meat in my ass then she does!!! she needs to put more meat in her @ss!! >>>>>>>&a mp;g t;>>


solidt123775d ago

Hey im with scottie2521. I wanna see some of them big booty girls on the Wii Fit board too. But I like them small petite girls to. The girl in the video I thought had a nice body and looked good also.

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shuandrew3779d ago

I for one wouldn't be too upset if this craze blew up. =P

aaquib53779d ago

Since our games don't look any good, the people playing them might as well!