The Big 5 - August's Biggest Games and DLC

August is the calm before the storm; the trickle of new releases that will soon open up into an unstoppable wallet emptying frenzy in September and October. If you just can't wait to spend some money now take a look at your best bets for the month of August right here.

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PiNkFaIrYbOi1594d ago

No Tales Of Xillia 2? This list fails for that.

SoapShoes1594d ago

Yeah it's going to be the best RPG and probably in the top 3 best RPGs of the year only topped by Persona 5 if that makes 2014. I really liked the first Xillia and this looks even better.

PiNkFaIrYbOi1594d ago

We believe that Persona 5 is coming next year sometime.

All from what we heard, read, and stuff like that Tales Of Xillia 2 is suppose to be way better than 1.

There is still life in the PS3 as several hopefully good JRPGs are being released this year and next year.

souldestroyer141594d ago

I'm probably picking up the metro collection and Diablo

souldestroyer141594d ago

Yes! September October and November are going to be killer

stavrami-mk21594d ago

The golf club has just announced the week of the 25th for ps4 xbox and pc with a chance for it to come a week early on consoles