Why you shouldn’t hate big-budget video games

As indie games become more popular, it's become the cool new thing to complain about anything developed by a big-budget studio, citing its lack of artistic integrity, innovation and hip, pixelated retro graphics. But big-budget games are an important part of the video game industry.

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pat_11_51514d ago

I'll never understand why people scoff at those that like big releases. Indie gaming is cool but and independent studio could never have made The Last of Us.

randomass1711514d ago

It's just as valid to like big releases as it is to enjoy indie or even casual games. People who get upset about things like that are just being immature. Let's let people like what they want.

user14394141514d ago

It amazes me that people have upgraded to next gen consoles and all they want to play indie games. I personally do not mind indie games and am all for them but I do also like to play big budget games like Destiny and The Last of Us.

admiralvic1514d ago

"Indie gaming is cool but and independent studio could never have made The Last of Us."

While it goes without saying a small studio will lack the experience, talent and money required to make a game this complex and well made, it also doesn't mean said gamer cares about these things.

For sake of argument, just check out what kind of games are currently dominating the PS4 chart on Metacritic. It isn't extremely high profile, big budget extremely complicated games like inFAMOUS, Tomb Raider, Watch Dogs, or Wolfenstein, but titles like Fez, Flower, Guacamelee and Rayman Legends (this is probably closer to the former in terms of quality, though I don't think it would be impossible for an small developer to make a game like it).

A lot of people seem to forget that two things tend to happen. The first is that big-budget games get talked about significantly more than low-budget games, which increases the chances of someone disliking it or having something negative to say. The other thing is that many big-budget games are, in my experience anyway, designed to appeal to the masses (you don't invest big-bucks in a niche product) and from time to time feel like a cookie cutter game (you look at something like Wolfenstein and it's very much so your standard go from here to here, watch some cutscenes and then defeat a boss big-budget game). Then you can play something like Towerfall (6th highest rated PS4 title, though this is mostly due to lack of coverage), which doesn't have a story, online multiplayer or even that much content, but it can be quite fun to play and offers a fair bit of challenge / depth for a game that essentially has 1 attack with various types and like 8 enemies.

brish1513d ago

Does anyone really hate games because of their budget?

Personally I never hated a game based on how much it cost to make. I only judge games based on if they are enjoyable or not.

tastas211514d ago

Cause they suck. Call of Duty is one of the worst franchises ever right now. I'd rather play ET.

MrSwankSinatra1514d ago

You've probably never even played ET. The last time i check CoD doesn't account for every AAA release out there. get a clue......

tastas211514d ago

Actually I have. See you aren't that smart.

uth111514d ago

ET isn't as bad as it's made out to be.

goldwyncq1513d ago

This is one thing I don't understand...People acting like COD is the sole representative of all AAA games.

Rokashi1514d ago

I'm not a fan of Call of Duty, and I prefer indie games :)

MegaRay1514d ago

I rather play Candy Rush over a CoD game lol (and both are for casuals IMO)

ShaunCameron1513d ago

Grand Theft Auto sucks? Okay.

I'm not a fan of Call Of Duty, but Call Of Duty is good for what it is.

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pat_11_51514d ago

Agreed, although he probably did play it.

Starks1514d ago

The big releases seem to have the most DLC content despite having the huge budgets.

gamercologyst1514d ago

so , you should not hate triple A games that treat you like an Idiot

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