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Pokémon X/Y: Heracross, Pinsir Wi-Fi Events Announced For North America

The Pokémon Company International has announced two exclusive Pokémon Wi-Fi distribution events; a Level 50 Heracross and a Level 50 Pinsir. (3DS, GameStop, Pokemon X and Y)

LAWSON72  +   432d ago
Sweet though I don't know which one I want
Ripsta7th  +   432d ago
Are they shiny though!? Lol and you most likely will get the one not present in your game containing its mega rock
LAWSON72  +   432d ago
Probably not only JP gets the cool shiny events.

X- has pinsir mega stone
Y- has heracross mega stone

So it would be a smart idea to get the one not available in your game. I have Y so looks like I will go for pundit
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