Make it a (Virtual) Reality: Guardians of the Galaxy

VRFocus - Yet another superhero squad hits the big screen this week as Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy sees its first ever movie adaption. Bringing together a rag tag bunch of misfits to save the galaxy from evil forces, the movie broadens Marvel’s horizons to cosmic, sci-fi tales that span entire planets. It also presents one of the most interesting opportunities for virtual reality (VR) videogames than most of the company’s slate of characters. Imagine Marvel’s very own EVE: Valkyrie with a mix of Aliens, Trolls and Dragons and you have potentially the most enticing comic book VR experience yet.

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NexGen1593d ago

The movie was awesome, fyi. Maybe even the best Marvel movie to date.

Saelyn1593d ago

Agreed whole heartily.

viper35121593d ago

I second that, Groot stole the show and the movie hooked the minute it started.