Where’d Titanfall Go?

"We all have that friend that you met and became (best) friends with in school, but something happened like you moved away that caused you to be left with only fond memories of your time together. And as time went on, a question started to form. Becoming ever more present as you remind yourself of better times, remembering the great friends you wish you still had and wishing your youth could be reclaimed. The question of: what happened to them?"

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Majin-vegeta1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

It was just overhyped.It came and went.

@Narc you got any proof of this?

Dwalls11711596d ago

To be honest it was always just a Mehh type of game . .
I remember watching countless videos of gaming personalities from various sites fan gasming all over titan fall.

While I was sitting their thinking umm all I see is call of duty with mechs
Its just an average game

n4rc1596d ago

Except its still being played by tons of people?

XisThatKid1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

first off I'm not a anti Titanfall advocate but I have to put in a comment or two...
ok there are about lets say 5 million X1s out in the wild now from what I understand they sold per MS and Respawn the game sold like 1 mill in a week or a day or something like that, NOT BAD AT ALL ads and hype sells. Sales wise from my observation and MS rep from gamestop in my area I say Titanfall has around a 0.5 install base meaning about half X1 owners bought TF at some point not including trade ins and pre orders or anything. Also really good. about 4-500,000 on 360 in sales, OK. With all that being said playing today and judging off the amount of games on right now (7:11PM 8/1) roughly 3-400,000 people on almost all american. That's a ridiculous drop though. The games been out for less then 6 months with regular updates and decent support.
I think the game is cool and I won't have trouble getting a game or anything plus if anyone bought it today and played for a week there are enough players on that you will not play the same person twice. My point is that although there are people playing this game but this game was obviously over hyped. Almost rightfully so. Respawns first game, Mechs, FPS, CoD fatigue, massive ads, XBox croud, dedicated servers, E3 hype, EA. This game had everything goin for it it just didn't live up to it to most I guess. I just wouldn't say " a TON of people play" A TON of people play GTA, a Ton play CoD a ton play Battlefield (all assuming, just wouldn't be my words of choicce tryin to make n internet point. I personally think EA and Respawn bet on the wrong horse with the exclusive. Maybe "360>PS3" mentality hang over I guess what their prediction was based on.

Nothing like the Killzone Shadowfall drop-off though, sheesh....

****This is all based on my own observation and info collection from Gamestop I'm at and various twitter and websites and articles and of course my experiences with the game itself from June till today.

Mac4201595d ago

But has yet to surpass even Halo CE numbers even with 3 platforms to purchase it on. This game is dead, glad I never listened to my friends an Gameflyed this game.

Pinkdolphinyfg1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Proof? Heres an article from last week of Titanfall continuing to top the xbox one/360 sales chart.

I also find it quite amusing that your asking for proof of people still playing Titanfall yet YOU YOURSELF was leaving comments on the article were Titanfall was topping charts that I linked above. Your knowingly saying things that are untrue which is pretty sad imo lmao.

EDIT: Talk about good journalism. This guy wrote an article about how nobody is playing Titanfall yet in the same article he says

"Even with all these new releases I might still pick up a copy of TF at some point, so it’s not that I don’t like the game."

So how did you come to that conclusion? What utter Bullshit. N4g needs to do a better job at approving articles like these with little to no journalistic integrity whatsoever.

CorndogBurglar1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

The article didn't say no one is playing it anymore.

He said there is no more hype for it. No one praises it anymore. And thats actually true. I can't remember the last time anyone was on here talking about Titanfall.

n4rc1595d ago

Because it came out 5 months ago!! Lol

I mean damn...

gangsta_red1595d ago


You have any proof it isn't?

The game is still being played an enjoyed by Xbox owners. Why do we need an article every minute of this? If we did all we would get are people like Majin saying it's overhyped and a CoD with Bots.

MSBAUSTX1595d ago

I agree Majin. I played the beta and was impressed. I bought the game, brought it home, opened it up, popped it in and played it for 7 days straight. After achieving greatness and doing everything there was to do in the entire game in 7 days, I promptly traded it in before it's price inevitably dropped. I knew it was going to loose its new car smell very quickly. It was a fun game and had its moments but it was like a super hot girl in Highschool, shallow and full of itself. I will wait for a more intelligent game to come along next time.

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assdan1595d ago

Yeah. People mostly lost interest within a few weeks.

Necr0philiac1594d ago

Titan Fall has outsold Call Of Duty Ghosts on Xbox one by over 100,000 copy's and only about 400,000 copy's less then Ghosts on PS4(.5 million more than Killzone). Keep in mind the PS4 has 4 million more consoles sold than the Xbox one and the game came out 4 months after COD ghosts.

I still play Titan fall every day and love the new maps and game mode. Marked for Death is fast paced fun and has a completely different feel than attrition.

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mhunterjr1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

I don't think it went anywhere. It released... A
TON of People are playing it on xb1. You don't see to many articles about games 4 months after it's been released... If that's what you are asking...

truefan11596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Uhh it's still be played by many people and is still in the top 5 sold games in the UK and top 10 in the US. I don't play it as much as I did for the first 2-3 months after launch, but I still play it on weekends. The game is freaking great in terms of gameplay and maps, but there is just not enough content mainly in the guns department.

Is there supposed to still be articles every week or something, the game has been out for nearly 5 months.

strangeaeon1595d ago

My brother and I still play about 3 times per week, and find games quickly. Its still at the top of the X1/360 charts, so I fail to see the purpose of this article.

Jury1595d ago

That's because it's bundled

gamer11381596d ago

Still playing and loving it. Slowly making my way up the generations.

Sayai jin1595d ago

Me too. The DLC was really needed and it added extra play time to the game. I saw an flux of people playing it.

JonnyBigBoss1595d ago

Same. It's lacking content but the gameplay is gosh darn AMAZING IMO!

chrissx1595d ago

I know ppl still playing titanfall. I don't knw what news/update abt the game the writer is looking for

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