GameSpy: Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason Preview

GameSpy writes: "It's Thursday night, June 5th at the Russian Consulate in San Francisco, and we're playing musical chairs with a couple of colleagues, alternately sitting and standing in front of a high-powered (and decoratively airbrushed) PC. We're taking turns being befuddled by 1c Company's "flagship game" Cryostasis, which, despite its enviable position atop the Russian publisher's ledger, is represented by a mere two PCs in the grand ballroom.

The setting is appropriate, and not simply because it's Russia's most ambitious publisher staking this patch of foreign soil for the night to show off its wares and trumpet its relevance and largess -- despite its grandeur, the ballroom at the Russian Consulate in San Francisco can get downright cramped when filled to capacity. And Cryostasis appears to be all about making you feel like the walls are closing in."

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