GameSpy: Don King Presents: Prizefighter Review - Like Spinks against Tyson, this one goes down for the count rather quickly

GameSpy writes: "If you listened to Don King, his game outstrips every videogame ever made. Of course, his Gamerscore probably isn't that high, either. Once you cut through the (in)famous fight promoter's hyperbole and verbal webslinging, Venom Games' Don King Presents: Prizefighter proves that the boxing genre is in dire need of some restructuring. From top to bottom, Prizefighter purports to outstrip Fight Night Round 3, and instead squeaks just past total ignominy thanks to a few charming quirks.

Prizefighter is fundamentally similar to the likes of many a boxing game, from Venom's Rocky titles all the way to EA's blockbuster series. You take a boxer all the way from lowly amateur up the ranks to world champ. To its credit, Prizefighter's career mode presentation takes an ambitious approach different than anything EA's done over the years. First, the career mode is done in the style of a boxing documentary, so as your boxer progresses, the action will transition into interviews with a mix of fictional characters and real-life luminaries such as Larry Holmes, Ken Norton, and King himself. For some weird reason, Mario Van Peebles shows up too. Don't ask. It's slightly hokey, but it's a daring approach to take, nevertheless."

-Amusing career mode featuring random celebrities
-Cool challenges, lag-free online

-Decidedly archaic gameplay mechanics derail the overall experience
-Poor animation

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PoSTedUP3837d ago

fight night round 4 + tyson = epic!

no boxing game can touch round 4.