GameSpy: GRID Review - Codemasters' racer evolves for the next-gen console

GameSpy writes: "Ever have that anxiety dream about being behind the wheel of a car that's going too fast for you to control? There's the screech of brakes and then a horrific metal-twisting encounter with a wall, barrier, or other car and you sit bolt upright in bed with sweat pouring down your face. Codemasters' latest racer, GRID, will let you experience that nightmare scenario whenever you want. While the game straddles the fence between the worlds of arcade and sim racers, there's enough here to speed up the heart rates of fans of both.

Apparently, the folks at Codemasters wanted to do some housecleaning and tweaking with the leap to the next-gen machines. The company's stellar Colin McRae series of rally racers ended up as DiRT when it landed for the PS3 and 360. (Of course, much of this probably had to do with the untimely death of McRae.) When it came to its more traditional racer, the company also decided to throw out a four-letter-word. The TOCA Race Driver franchise has evolved into GRID. (The move to the next-gen consoles also, it seems, affected the company's ability to figure out the appropriate uses of uppercase versus lowercase letters)."

-Great visuals deliver super sense of speed
-Nasty crashes
-Cars show and react to damage

-May be too sim for arcade fans and too arcade for sim fans
-Learning curve can be tough
-Limited number of cars

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MK_Red3843d ago

4.5 or 5 would have been better. This is seriously one of the best racers I've ever played and much much better than already solid DiRT.

1ben23843d ago

i havent had so much fun with an arcade racing type for SO long...At first i hated the demo, fearing a "juice" kinda game...but then gave it another try, and used to the controls and MAN is it good...

On top of it a smart AI that keep pushing you to race till the very end, and furious accidents...they even thought of putting an option like rewinding in case of an accident that otherwise was going to cost you your 1st place...muhaha, love it....

Very glad i bought this game, so many game modes like demolition derby which is fun, and some cool F1000 and other ones of the sort (im not there yet :)

A must buy !