The New PC?

Rock.Paper.Shotgun's Alec Meer writes:

"Is the iPhone 3G actually the portable PC?

The question is whether it accompanies PC gaming or threatens it. I rather suspect the former, for the practical issues of squinting and jabbing at a small screen for extended periods if nothing else. In either case, if iPhone gaming does explode over the next few months, does it count as PC gaming? If, say, Dwarf Fortress or Trials 2 came out for it, should RPS post about it? I honestly don't know, and I guess I won't until if and when the ubiquity's sufficient to force us to decide.

Again, in many ways it's a closed platform, the absolute antithesis of what we most love about the PC as a gaming machine – but it nevertheless shares many of the same values and concepts. Sure, PDAs and smartphones have been taking those same values and concepts into truly portable form for some time now, but the prospect of this becoming so much more widely-owned a platform means that much more of the industry will develop for it. Equally though, there's every chance that endless gimmickery, lazy ports and typically harsh Apple restrictions could kill its gaming potential stone dead. Interesting times either way."

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Charmers3835d ago

I look forward to playing Crysis on this "New PC" rofl. Seriously though why is it that every gadget that comes out automatically gets compared to the PC ? My £70 phone can do pretty much everything the Iphone can do, it just doesn't do it as "prettily" or as "expensively" and I certainly wouldn't consider my phone to be a PC. I dunno call me a radical but I don't think the PC format has anything to worry about with regard to the Iphone. I look forward to the next story which will be "does the board game Monopoly threaten PC gaming".

ELite_Ghost3835d ago

yea but it looks cool and has a huge screen...
does your phone have GPS? Does it go on the internet? Does it have touchscreen? If your phone can do all that, then you have a really sick phone!
I"m planning to buy this "next-gen" iphone...

yourmomsux3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

isn't a portable pc now known as a laptop?

etownone3835d ago

want this phone :(

but i got verizon.

PlayStation3603835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Phone's worth it bro, IMHO.
But if you like your phone provider. No need to rush out and get the iPhone. By the time it can be used to all providers, it's gonna be even more sick bro.

Bolts3835d ago

This article is extremely stupid. The iPhone isn't a threat to anything other than Palm devices. Nobody buy an iPhone to play games, they buy it to surf the web, gaming is just a secondary function.

SUP3R3835d ago

Clearly you didn't read the article or else you would have known the editor said the same thing.

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