MotoGP 14 Dev Praises PS4's Architecture And SDK, Explains Why The Game Is Not Coming On Xbox One

"We can ensure our fans that we will include Xbox One into our next line up," says the game's director.

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oSHINSAo1570d ago

Xbox one has Forza 5, Forza Horizon 2...

amiga-man1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

This is what happens when a developer designs a console, Mark Cerny deserves credit for designing a well thought out console not just for Gamers but for the people making the games.

Basically a powerful console that developers can easily gets to grips with all adds up to a positive future for the PS4.

Bigpappy1570d ago

The only MotoGP that ever interest me was done by Climax. This developer needs to hand it over to more capable hands.

You may jump to the conclusion that I am hating on them because the game is not on X1. You would be wrong on that. I didn't by there version of MotoGP on 360 either, not even when it went to the bargain bin. From what I remember, most others on the system skipped it too.

strickers1570d ago

Bigpappy. " I didn't by there version of MotoGP on 360 either "
At least be sour about devs in English.
You've been an Xbox troll so long, but you at least tried to sound intelligent once upon a time.

MotoGP is a niche game. I'm not sure many will care, but nice to hear PS4 is such a hit with devs. All the praise will lead to more games hitting the system

Bigpappy1569d ago

@strickers: Wow. Lets try to keep it civil, shall we. I can do to the gutter with you but I don't know you like that.

I am an Xbox fan, not a troll. If you are going to call me name be prepared to back it up with evidence to support your slander. You have a difficult time staying on topic. When through all that trouble to call be a name just because I never owned anything Play Station. I don't hate the brand or you.

The footage of the game and the demo of the previous release has convinced me that this game can not even compete with the original Xbox version, gameplay wise. It has nothing to do with the game being niche. I have bought 3 versions of MotoGP before, but not for this developer. If I want to play it, I still have my 360. I you like the job they do, have at it. I happen to think they are not very good at bike racing games.

This developer's version of

The Game

Official MotoGP™ Championship

Release Date:
June 2014
PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, PlayStation®Vita, Xbox 360®, PC, Steam
English, French, Italian, German , Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, US English, Polish, Russian (available soon), Japanese (available soon)
Offline up to 2 players, PS Vita up to 1 player, Online up to 12 players, PS Vita up to 6 players
Age Rating:
PEGI 3 (Provisional)

ShinMaster1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

@ Bigpappy

So sour lol

The whole "I didn't care about the game anyway" attitude is laughable. Textbook downplaying.
The game ain't for you. Got take your obvious bias somewhere else.

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Hellsvacancy1570d ago

And i've got a pair of red shoes what is your point

The Meerkat1570d ago

I just read your comment and had everyone in the office ask me why I was smiling. LOL

mhunterjr1570d ago

It's very rare that I actually lol when I type lol... Congrats..

CaptainObvious8781569d ago

Don't lie, they're sexy cowboy boots you were to bed.

MasterCornholio1570d ago

Now that's just being desperate...........

Neither of those two games have motorcycles in them.

stripe8141570d ago

they have motor bikes on those?? so much reach right there

truefan11570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

If this articled didn't have the line Not coming to xbox one, it would have 2 comments. Speaking of that, we are 16 comments in and only 1 person asking about a US release is even talking about the game.

PS Dev, don't worry about the XB1 fans, i doubt you will see petitions and an uproar about not being on XB1. Just worry about making the best game ps4 will enjoy and as you say if it's great XB1 will see the next iteration of the franchise.

To prove my point look at the bottom of the page putting resolution/hardware in the title is the only way to draw interest in the game.

1570d ago
johndoe112111570d ago

"PS Dev, don't worry about the XB1 fans, i doubt you will see petitions and an uproar about not being on XB1."

And we can't forget the most pitiful of them all:

EData1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

I guess this counts as a PS4 exclusive right Truefan? I know how much you love those.

king_ps41570d ago

Those are not good games...

MeliMel1570d ago

Say what you will about Forza 5. Doesnt mean its not a good game. And when did you play Forza Horizon 2 to know if its any good? Do you even own an Xbox One?

CervantesPR1570d ago

Your tears and damage control are delicious

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ScorpiusX1570d ago

Keep it as an Xbox owner I have other games I would rather support now and in the future .so you keep you're game.

Sayai jin1570d ago

What. More games for any platform is good. This is a added game to the PS library. XB1 owners can look forward to their next game though.

ScorpiusX1570d ago

Till then and if I like the next game their are others house that need my money .

Angels37851570d ago

I'm sad you have the same last name as me :(

SoapShoes1570d ago

This is the new argument Xbox owners have when a game isn't coming to their system?!

user74029311570d ago

wow, mark cerny knew what the hell he was doing

ScorpiusX1570d ago

Not an argument just a consumer making a decision with his wallet and stating how he feels , no more no less

TheFallenAngel1570d ago

No US release date? I love riding motorcycles, I would love to play this.

imt5581570d ago

You will have to wait on US release. WRC 4 from Milestone ( also Moto GP are their IP ) came out on US PSN 9 months after EU release.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

It'll be september, but no date has been set in it yet!

Edit: I'm not in to motorcycle racing games, but this grabs my attention.
Guess i'll add this to my games-to-get list, can't wait to try it out! :-)

corroios1570d ago

but, but, but the PS4 has no games... LOL.

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