IGN: Kung Fu Panda PS2 Review - A fine title for any budding gamer

IGN writes: "Traditionally, videogames based on movies have several extra hurdles to leap over on the way to store shelves. Tight budgets, quick production schedules and the need to release alongside the movie whether or not the game is ready often result in less than stellar offerings for us gamers. Luxoflux and Xpec, the teams behind the Kung Fu Panda videogames on Wii and PS2, may or may not have had to face these challenges but if it did, the studio took them on in an intelligent manner. The production values are high, the graphics are clean and crisp, and the action even has some depth to it. This money well spent may be the cause of the game's single major issue: Somehow the game is only about twice as long as the film (depending on your skill set) but costs four times more than seeing it in the theater.

So anybody that plays videogames on a regular basis can probably skip this one. The ride is short and there isn't much challenge to make completing the game feel rewarding. But then, core gamers aren't the target audience. Po the Panda and his crew of master ninja animals were designed by Dreamworks with the young and young at heart in mind and the videogame is no different. The game is rated by the ESRB as being fit for everyone 10 and older, but this game is fine for any young fan of the movie."

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