10 ways The Last of Us Remastered is better on PS4 vs PS3

Developer Naughty Dog didn't just port the original game to the new system. It enhanced the critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic adventure of characters Joel and Ellie.

This has inspired a new debate among early adopters of Sony's new gaming platform: Is The Last of Us Remastered for PS4 worth the upgrade?

We talked to Naughty Dog programmers Jason Gregory and Christian Gyrling to get a rundown of what has changed in a year's time.

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Dwalls11711598d ago

Just not really interested . played it and liked it on ps3.
But don't think it needs to be played again. .

If it was a fast paced action game like god of war remaster or something yes I would play
But TLOU seems like a great experience/story you only need to play once

AbhishekGIS1598d ago

Honestly, all this hate on The Last Of Us Remastered edition is just ridiculous. Sony is not forcing you to buy it again if you have played it on PS3. The Remastered edition is mainly for those who have not played it yet. If you have already played it then nobody is telling you to buy it again.

USMC_POLICE1597d ago

I bought it again no problem and will do the same for gta

medman1597d ago

I played through TLOU many times on ps3 and I bought it again for ps4. I didn't buy GTAV for my 360, and I'm seriously looking forward to playing it on my ps4 when it comes out.