Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Dev “Will Always Want More” from Gaming Hardware

Much has already been made about Sledgehammer Games' Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and how it will change everything you know about Call of Duty.

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700p1268d ago

Well..obviously? Does it mean it will happen? Probably not because its call of duty.

-Foxtrot1268d ago

Not like you guys would use the hardware to it's full potential anyway

creatchee1268d ago

I can't speak for Sledgehammer personally, but if Infinity Ward's performance was any indication of Call of Duty utilizing next-gen hardware proficiently, then I remain skeptical.

XtraTrstrL1268d ago

Infinity Ward should be lined up and shot by a firing squad for that abomination they released at PS4's launch.

creatchee1268d ago

I can't speak for the PS4 version except for the displeasure that I've heard from here and friends, but the X1 version was insulting. I'm not a resolution stickler, but there was no way it should have looked like it did and only have been 720p. Plus the frame drops. Uggh.

Ghost_Nappa1268d ago

To be fair, Infinity ward has been in shambles since after mw2.

XtraTrstrL1268d ago

Well, Infinity Ward and Treyarch most certainly wouldn't.

uGLYmE1268d ago

"We always want more gaming horsepower. Makes it easier to copy and paste our old engine"

SirBradders1268d ago

The only reason they want better hardware is so they can be lazy qnd adapt their shifty ass engine to it and not have to create a new one.

Master-H1268d ago

Of course you do COD devs, not because you wanna use to make the game look or run better, you just have to optimize it less the more powerful the hardware is. Less effort + exact same result == ??.... PROFIT

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