The Last Of Us Remastered Review | Cosmos Gaming

Chip Tamplin writes "Whether you’re playing through the game for the tenth time or the first, there’s no denying that Naughty Dog created one of the most captivating and near-perfect games of all time."

"Throwing in some extra polish, single and multiplayer DLC and an improved controller, The Last of Us Remastered is an absolute must own if you’ve got a PlayStation 4."

"The Last of Us was easily my favorite game on the PlayStation 3 and with its re-release on the PlayStation 4, it’s quickly reclaimed its thrown as top game again."

"While we’re sure to see plenty of amazing games come out on the PlayStation 4 over the next eight to ten years, I find it impossible to imagine that The Last of Us won’t still be spoken as one of the greatest games of the generation."

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