Hyrule warriors will have online (but not co-op)

I made a post earlier about how hyrule warriors will have online and then there was a follow up saying there will NOT be
it turns out on the official japanese nintendo site at the Hyrule Warriors page it state that there will be an online mode

zelda informer:

"It may not come as any sort of surprise, but Hyrule Warriors appears to have online play according to the Japanese website. There is an online interactions box that explains what features will be available only by having an internet connection. Here is what it says:

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wonderfulmonkeyman1450d ago

My guess is this "adventure mode" will be the 1P mode, but online for multiple players, and stripped of the storyline sequences.
I believe one of the Dynasty Warriors games did something quite similar...

weekev151450d ago

Thanks for posting this article, the doom and gloom coming from the "there is no online multiplayer" thread was irritating when its clear there is an online mode.

randomass1711450d ago

I'm glad there is online but I'm saddened at the lack of online co-op. If there is a co-op mode why can't it be online as well as local? It doesn't make much sense to me. :(