John Carmack on Doom, Quake & id Software: Our first game was basically a clone of Super Mario Bros

While Bethesda did not invite John Carmack for his annual QuakeCon speech, this great programmer guru talked at SMU in April and yesterday his entire 2.5h speech was made available to the public. During that talk, Carmack talked – among other things – about id Software, Doom and Quake.

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Gh05t1596d ago

I love Commander Keen. Still play it every now and then to take me back. I still remember going to the store and buying the floppy disk when Commander Keen 4 came out.

Rainbowcookie1596d ago

We need a commander keen sequel !

1nsomniac1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

“It [Quake] did have the major things that we wanted there. It had the extreme mod-ability, the dedicated servers and great graphics. But, you know, if I look back at that project we should have been one step less ambitious. I really should have just kept the extreme mod-ability with the scripting, the Internet dedicated server play and done it with a Doom-level engine. It wouldn’t have been pushing to the bleeding edge of technology computers that could run the game well there. We could done better.”

What!? - Did Carmack just actually say he should not have bothered & put out old recycled shit or have I read that completely wrong??

Not saying anything at all bad about the doom engine but engines had started progressing fast & it would of been left behind. Quake was a massive hit, all of them were & they built a huge franchise out of it. None of them needed any kind of beast PC to run The whole reason they were big & sold in the first place is for the exact reason he now wishes he didn't do. Everyone I knew bought it along with all it's expansion packs & sequels.

Carmack really, really has been in a bad place over the past 5 or so years. I don't know what's happened to him but he's acting like a real idiot & ruining every ounce of respect he gained over the last 2 decades. The guy is completely loosing his understanding of the gaming industry & what made him!

Who knows, maybe he's taking a sly jab at the current state of the industry & I've misread it but its all he seems to do lately!

Tsar4ever011596d ago

Ya'll read that? Graphics, Scripting, Dedicated servers, multi-player & EXTREME MOD-ABLILITY! Makers of the new DOOM needs to keep these key factors in mind for its success & longevity also. These a main reasons Doom & Quake lived so long.

Activemessiah1596d ago

Not with Bethesda in charge... they scrapped several version of Doom 4 already.