Is The Last Of Us the best game ever made?

VideoGamer: "As The Last Of Us: Remastered arrives on PS4, people have started discussing whether Naughty Dog's masterpiece deserves the praise thrust upon it. looks at both sides. Warning: Spoilers."

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The_Infected1113d ago

Opinions vary but IMO yes. The game overall is a masterpiece.

XiNarutoUzumaki1113d ago

Not the best because there's not "the best of all", but it is sure one of the best ever made. It's in my top 5

yezz1113d ago

I agree, there can't be just one above everything else just like you can't call Return of the King "the best movie ever made" even though it's many people's favourite... opinions.. opinions..

yezz1113d ago

People disagreeing, could you explain to me, how do you rate "the best game ever"?

We can have the worlds fastest man in the Guinness World Records since it's measurable but we can't have "the best game in the world" because it's based too much on opinions...

Why o why1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

Best game of last gen.. not ever but of last gen definitely

UltraNova1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

If we would name the best game of all time wouldnt it made sense to base our 'rating' when derived from traditional categories we know and trust to review games ?

Graphics, Story, Gameplay, Fun Factor, Replayability, Production Values.

Remember these ratings would represent what was possible at the time the game released!

In the case of the TLoU, it would go like this for me >> 10+10+9+9+8+10 for an average of 9.3/10.

Too put this in perspective my other best game of all time would be FF7 > 10,10,8 (the grinding was too much),9,9,10 for an average of 9.3/10

But I would give the edge to FF because it was a 30-40hr experience (minus the grinding)!

Well thats my 2 cents!
How would you rate TLoU?

PS: I dint even think about it before I wrote this I just gave the marks as I was writing!

DigitalHope1113d ago

Is it the best game ever made? Since the answer is really just based on opinion it's hard to say it is. Is it the best overall reviewed game? Yes. Has it won the most awards? Yes.

If you take a step back and look at the overall reaction to the game. I would say it is considered the best game ever made by most people.

yezz1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

See this is my point.. we all have different opinions on the graphics, gameplay, story etc. I for instance didn't enjoy the gameplay too much even though the story was amazing.. The whole "best game ever" turns instantly invalid when people can have different views.

The ratings that games receive are also based on opinions and while they do have truth behind them, how do you really compare for example graphics between TLOU and lets say Journey? There is so much variety in games and peoples opinions that there simply cannot be "the best one" that everyone agrees with..

Septic1113d ago

Depends on your taste really. It isn't in my top 5 overall, but I can see why people regard it as such.

creatchee1113d ago

I would say that TLOU is one of the best games ever made as opposed to the absolute best. However, no game comes close to telling a story as well as it did in terms of emotional attachment, character development, pacing, and mood. That's where it is second to none.

SpringHeeledJack1113d ago

Absolutely one of the best games ever made nobody can say otherwise if they are a gamer instead of a fanboy.

Best game ever made is different for everyone. Some people like fighting games more than anything else and to them streetfighter is the best game ever made.

Braid1113d ago

I would probably go with Half-Life 2, but nevertheless TLOU is in the top 10 for me.

gaffyh1113d ago

One of the best, wouldn't say best. I still love SOTC and ICO

gangsta_red1112d ago

No, it is not the best ever made. It is a good game though.

mattdillahunty1112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

no, not even in the discussion for best game ever. i LOVED playing The Last of Us, but its main selling point was saying, "look, Hollywood, we can copy you in video game form!" i mean, it's cool to see cinematic games like that, especially when they're so well done, but the game did nothing to push gaming forward. the combat was nothing new, the gameplay in general was nothing new. was it bad gameplay? hell no. but it did nothing to push gaming forward. it was basically just, "let's pretend like we're a movie but we're not really a movie."

guess what? movies, theatre, books, comics, etc can all have amazing characters, emotional moments, etc. this is nothing new. just because gaming finally joined the party doesn't mean this is all-time great.

one of the guys in the article nailed it perfectly: "Whenever I talk about The Last of Us with friends, I notice a common theme: when people discuss their favourite, or standout moments, very few are actually tied to gameplay."

to me, as awesome as The Last of Us was (and it really was a gem, no question), it did very little, if anything, to evolve gaming.

chrismichaels041112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

I dont know if The Last of Us is the best game ever made (that all depends on who youre asking), but no one can deny, it is definitely one of the best games of the last several years.

EData1112d ago

It may be my favorite game of last gen, but I don't think it is the best game ever made.

CyberSentinel1112d ago

My vote for best game of last gen would be Oblivion. I could play that game over and over again.

Chrischi19881112d ago

Oh come on... give me a break. It is a great game, for sure, one of the best of last generation, yes, but the best of all time? You guys call yourself gamers, seems like you guys didnt play a lot of games then. I understand the hype around Sony, but this goes to far, to be honest.

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lelo1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

TLOU is a very good game... but way overhyped by the gaming media and fanboys. Well, that's my opinion, and it's the one that counts.

Why o why1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

TLOU is a very good game... but way underhyped by sites like polygon and hating fanboys, many of which never played it. Well, that's my opinion, and it's the one that counts.....smh

Infamous2981113d ago

Look at titanfall for the definition of overhype.

OT: I do think that the last of us as one of the best games not the best game.

MysticStrummer1113d ago

Yes all those awards are clearly the result of a a vast gaming media conspiracy.


OT - TLoU definitely deserves to be in the conversation but my personal Game of the Generation was Demon's Souls so TLoU can't be my Game of All Time.

Slevon1113d ago

I really enjoyed the Last of us, I thought it was an amazing game. But the entire time playing it I couldn't shake the thought of how everyone says its the best game ever and "its more than a game, its an experience" and when you playing with those expectations you cant help but point out flaws. In the end I love it but I do think hype made me overly critical, and enjoy the experience less

Septic1113d ago

"Yes all those awards are clearly the result of a a vast gaming media conspiracy. "

Yeah well Titanfall's award at E3 were a conspiracy according to some -_-'

But yeah, its silly. TLOU deserves its high scores in my opinion. A rare gem of an experience in terms of story telling and emotion in video games.

SoapShoes1113d ago

If you think it's fanboys that is hyping it, you're in for a world of hurt when reality sets in. It's being hyped by everyone including Xbox fans(which is a big reason why a lot of them switched to PS4 as well).

buttclown1112d ago

I understand the hype part. Not the media though. Friends kept telling me how awesome a game this was and their favorite game ever, I think that definitely ruined the experience for me.

Now to clarify, I absolutely enjoyed this game and is deserving of it's awards and whatnot, just stating why it may not be one of my favorite games of all time. That would be a hard list to make regardless.

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OpieWinston1113d ago

Yeah opinions vary and it's also based on preference.

I'd never refer to "The Last of Us" as a Masterpiece in my mind though...And that's where are opinions vary heavily.

It's a top 10 game for me... But it looks like the remastered edition fixed the Enemy AI detection bugs...But still couldn't fix the major issues with Companion AI.

Things like predictable story(All inspiration was from Popular films) and cliche plot coupled with the Companion AI being atrociously bad...Hold this game back for me.

And that wouldn't even bother me because I'm a fairly easy guy to please, it's just the BS Fanboy and Media hype that makes you ask "WTF drugs were you on when you played it?"

TLOU is easily a 8.5/10 or even 9/10 for me.

Since I'll be called a "Fanboy" my current most anticipated game is Quantum Break and yes I played TLOU Remastered and TLOU regular in multiple playthroughs so far.

Everyone has an opinion.

MysticStrummer1113d ago

"my current most anticipated game is Quantum Break"

…and that's relevant to this article… how…? The way that sentence started it would have made sense if your most anticipated game was a PS4 title, but as it is the whole sentence was pointless.

I agree about the companion AI, but I think it's really tough to find stories and plots that are very original.

DJustinUNCHAIND1113d ago

Every thing you said was spot-on.

Mr-Dude1113d ago


I agree with the companion AI, but you didn't have to bring in Quantum Break... Since we now very little about that game.

Ontopic: The Last Of Us is a precious beautiful gem, a game wich we see once a generation.

OpieWinston1113d ago

I brought up Quantum break because I know people would call me a fanboy and I'm more neutral...And of all the things that's what people are pointing out?

My most anticipated game is a Action Cinematic Story Driven game...So I like the style of genre that Naughty Dog does but the execution isn't the best. And I've read enough interviews and asked Remedy enough questions of my own to be VERY excited for Quantum Break... Doesn't matter what the public knows, it's about the track record and what specific info is given.

@Mystic My most anticipated PS4 titles are Uncharted 4/No Mans Sky...Quantum Break has me way more pumped though...Simply stating that I own all platforms and shouldn't be called a fanboy.
I don't think it's that tough to find an original idea. The Last of Us and Uncharted have very predictable plots... They just need better Writers, the writing in Naughty Dogs games is sub par at best.

@Mr-Dude I always got to bring up my most anticipated game because N4Gs hype meters are so out of wack...The hype is in the wrong corner...Course I don't want people to hype up Quantum Break stupid amounts because that's what killed Watch Dogs/Titanfall for a lot of people and will kill Destiny.

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Walker1113d ago

TLOU is the best game ever created since Half-Life

DonDon1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

I think it is the best in all the categories it applies in.

Best stealth game (I LOVE MGS games but TLOU gives me a sense of accomplishment when I use stealth in the harder difficulties).

Best storytelling/pacing

Best Multiplayer

Best graphics (for now, on both ps3 and ps4)

great level design/use of terrain for battle


So it would be my favorite action/stealth AAA game.

Best of...

Stealth: TLOU
Story: TLOU
Multiplayer: TLOU

Other games that are the best games ever (in own category):

-Dark/Demons souls (rogue action)
-Catherine (puzzle; original storytelling)
-Persona 4 (best jrpg)
-Dragon Age Origins (wrpg)
-Metal Gear Online 2 (multiplayer from MGS 4--now defunct)
-Super Smash Bros Brawl (fighting)
-The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask (Roguelike adventure/rpg)
-Castlevania SOTN (metroidvania genre)
-Monster Hunter (best co-op)
-Super Mario Galaxy (3d platforming)
-Donkey Kong (where you used mario on old gameboy) (best 2d platforming)


These are what I call the best games (in my opinion). Many of which are on par with TLOU but are completely different genres. TLOU is the best at what it does do. Others are best at their own genre instead.