"We're making money from day one" - Nintendo exec

"Unlike our competitors, we don't have ulterior motives"

Nintendo of Canada exec Pierre-Paul Trépanier has told that the company is already raking in the cash following yesterday's launch of the Wii.

"We make a profit on the system itself," Trépanier said. "Unlike our competitors, we don't have ulterior motives; we're not in it to sell HD TVs, or to become the operating system in the living room or anything like that.

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eques judicii4409d ago

nintendo just wants your money... screw hidding it with cute characters just bend over.. grab your ankles... and kiss your wallet goodbye!!

Brian3604409d ago

All that the Wii is a re-designed gamecube with a motion sensor controller.
No wonder they are making money as they are probably selling off old cubes in a Wii box

Capt CHAOS4409d ago

"Unlike our competitors, we don’t have ulterior motives"

You mean you don't want to make a profit from our money??

FadeToBlack4409d ago

Of course their making money from that start because the Wii is an overpriced re hashed last gen system with motion controlers. Everyone with SDTV enjoy gamecube 1.2

THAMMER14409d ago

Nintendo dose no have to use smoke and hype to sell the Wii. The whole company and the Wii it's self is very respectful and true to the game community. It is a new type of Game Cube witch is not that bad. The game cube was not as popular but was more powerful than the PS2. HD is cool but not so mainstream or as important as it may seem.

I like the Wii and Nintendo is getting $250.00 cash from me too. the Wii will out sell the PS3 well into 2007.

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The story is too old to be commented.