Capcom Shares New 1080p Deep Down Screenshot, Ensures Development Is Going Smoothly

Capcom is currently working on PlayStation 4 exclusive Deep Down, which is a free-to-play game online-only game in development using the latest Panta Rhei engine from Capcom.

Deep Down is set to receive a public beta this August in Japan, which was actually delayed from its original announced date to August. This delay sparked some criticism over the development of the game, that it might be in trouble.

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TheWackyMan1598d ago

They say it's going smoothly, but I find it hard to believe them.

JackOfAllBlades1598d ago

Haha, on topic this game looks great if it doesn't come to the US I'll import it, or make a JP PSN and buy it

LordDhampire1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

can't wait


geddesmond1598d ago

I don't see anything good about this title and then its also from Crapcom and free to play. Plus it will release a year too late.

dcj05241598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

Include female models(For Free) and detail the weapon types then I'll listen to you Capcom.

caseh1598d ago

"Include female models"

Total game breaker yah, can't play as a female. /s

dcj05241598d ago

Don't shove words into my mouth caseh.

Ryan7411598d ago

I was so pumped for this game at its first reveal, but once the full details emerged regarding the f2p horror my hopes were shattered.

Lord_Sloth1598d ago

Still hope it comes to the states.

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