Check Out Over 15 Minutes Of Gameplay For Digimon All-Star Rumble

Digimon All-Star Rumble, which was announced this morning was present with a playable demo at today's Bandai Namco Event in New York City.

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vishmarx1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

ahh nostalgia,
finally a digimon console game and it isnt even an rpg
how did that bird turn into poopmon?
wasnt her evo a falcon or something?
also its kinda lame were fighting at base level for most part

Dwalls11711570d ago

Loved digimon as a kid remember playing hours of rumble arena on ps2
Wish this came to ps4

Roccetarius1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

As soon as i saw this game, i thought that the PS2 game was more interesting.

krontaar1570d ago

Any digimon can turn into poop monsters if you treat them badly or let them shit everywhere.

NintySonySoft1570d ago

Meh i was excited for this but it doesn't look good I'll wait for smash instead.

krontaar1570d ago

Seems like a decent $15 downloadable game to me.

WeAreLegion1570d ago

Feels more like Powerstone than Super Smash. That has me excited. Powerstone is the best brawler ever made, by a long shot.