The Last of Us Remastered Cutscene Models Are Used In-Game, Confirms Naughty Dog; Models Compared

GearNuke: "The Last of Us Remastered has been released on the PlayStation 4 and as more players are getting their hands on the game, we are getting more details about its graphical improvements that were added to the current-gen port."

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Genuine-User1600d ago

The character models are beautiful in the remastered edition.

Angels37851600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

The guy who did this article is an idiot....he compares the models with one example??? In two very different scenes??? I'm almost certain one of them is artwork rather than the cutscene model.

To top that off he takes a horrible over saturated "light in the face" of which you can draw no comparison in the photo mode

I don't doubt naughty dog's word, but the quality of this article is poor at best. very lazy.

1nsomniac1600d ago

Absolutely agree, ridiculous article from start to finish!

assdan1600d ago

They are. And I was pretty sure this was true the second I played it.

ThatEnglishDude1600d ago

Is there a comparison between the ingame models of PS3 versus PS4?

iistuii1600d ago

I'm pleased with the remastered version that I got today. But has anyone else noticed they still haven't got rid of the jaggies. Look at any window or doorway & they are plain to see, I'm on the prologue walking round the house & they stand out. Of course they are better because of the higher resolution, but I'm sure they didn't enhance the AA.

starchild1600d ago

Yeah, not as good in that regard as I was hoping for. They should have used something like a high quality temporal SMAA.

G20WLY1600d ago

It was reported as 4xAA compared to the original IIRC?

While not perfect, it looks a big improvement to me. :)

CertifiedGamer1600d ago

Consoles aren't known for AA. Jaged edges and less geometrical symetry is something pc gamers mock consoles gamers for.

GreenRanger1600d ago

Sony have sent me 174,246 emails about this game in the last 3 days.


Would be great if this game would let me play it! I can't push up on the left stick and walk hardly ( not to mention run) And no it's not my controller, they need to patch this issue ASAP because it's absolutely unplayable !!!


Disagree all you want mr phantom it's unplayable

MitchellK1600d ago

I think people are disagreeing because the game works fine for them and this isn't really a known issue, the problem could be with the game but because it works fine for them (I've played through it one and a half times already) they assume the problem is on your end.

SINISTERGENESIS1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

@mitchellk- but you do know that making assumptions only makes an ass out of you and umptions. Like I said its unplayable, go to the playstation forums or better yet.... . This is the problem and it gets worse to where you can't move forward at all. ( not saying it's you but those who disagree are just morons who live in their own world of make believe thinking they know all

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