Gearbox seeks removal from Aliens: Colonial Marines class action lawsuit.

Gearbox Software was slapped with a lawsuit last year over the hot mess that was Aliens: Colonial Marines, and specifically that the final product was a far cry from what was promised in "actual gameplay" demos displayed at E3. Gearbox quickly dismissed the action as "frivolous" but otherwise remained quiet on the matter until yesterday, when lawyers for the studio filed multiple motions seeking to have it removed from the action.

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WilliamUsher1598d ago

This whole thing has turned embarrassing. What makes it so bad is that NO ONE simply wants to fess up and admit that the game didn't live up to expectations, that the E3 2012 demo was beyond the capabilities of consoles at the time and that funds were not managed properly to allow the game to be as good as it could have been.

ALL of this could have been avoided if the companies in charge of the game had simply stood up and took accountability for the game, for better or for worse.

JackOfAllBlades1597d ago

Lawsuit? That game was a masterpiece, 10/10! Perfection!! Total GOTY!!! No game will EVER be as good!!!!

brish1597d ago

The dancing alien is worth the price of the game alone! ;-)

SolidGear31597d ago

Yeah I finally played it and didn't even bother finishing it. Here's hoping for Isolation.

AnotherProGamer1597d ago

"Gearbox never belonged in this lawsuit. Gearbox is a videogame software developer. It was neither the publisher nor seller of the videogame at issue,"

except they were the ones who made the damn game, they were the ones who instead of making Aliens Colonial Marines were using Sega's money to make Borderlands 2

Skate-AK1597d ago

The publisher might have to sue Gearbox to be reimbursed if they get taken out of the lawsuit.

Dasteru1597d ago

You obviously do not understand how video game development works. In most cases, the developer actually has very little control over how a game is made. The publisher invests all the money into the games development and for that reason, gets nearly full control over how the game is made. Gearbox made the game but they did so under direction from Sega. It was Sega that would have made the choice to change the final product from its E3 showing and Gearbox would have had very little if any say in the matter.

AnotherProGamer1597d ago

no, Sega gave them money to make the game instead they wasted the money and time on Borderlands 2 and Sega didnt want to invest more time and money so they released whatever they had

Dasteru1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

If that was the case then Sega would have already sued Gearbox for violating the development contract. Publishers do not just hand out money for developers to do whatever they want with. All money is under contract and must be used on what the publisher specifies. What most likely happened was Sega got tired of waiting for ACM, which they probably felt was no longer worth the time and money, and told Gearbox to redirect the funds to Borderlands 2. At that point, with no budget left to work with, Gearbox would have had no choice but to release ACM as-is.

Knightshade1595d ago

I know folks that were working at Timegate at the time of this debacle. Gearbox is totally on the hook for this. Want to know why you get a machine gun, but then in another level get a pistol? That's because that level was moved, wholesale, mid-development. In fact, that sort of "Can I get the icon in cornflower blue?" sort of development went on the entire time.

-Foxtrot1597d ago

Wow...they still cant admit this was their screw up. Honestly man, take the fall Gearbox you messed up.

Deadpoolio1597d ago

Neither can the moronic gamers who rushed out to buy the game day 1 due to an E3 demo 2years before the games release....Completely ignoring the fact that IF they weren't mentally retarded they would have seen any of the at least 4 trailers that were released 2 months before the game was set to release that showed exactly what the game was going to look like, and that it in fact looked nothing like the 2 year old demo....

I have zero pitty for the nitwits that rushed out to purchase the game considering the very first trailer of the 4 that I saw told me to immediately go and cancel my pre-order.......

How nobody still crying about it doesn't feel mentally retarded is beyond me, it would be different if they hadn't showed trailers leading into the release but they did. The proof was there that the game was going to be garbage

aliengmr1597d ago

Yea, I didn't even follow the game closely at all and saw a difference. I actually chose not to buy it because it looked like crap in the videos before release.

Lawsuit or not, I would prefer the "ultra shiny" gameplay preview BS to stop.

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