The Dota 2 International pulls in 2 million concurrent views

The Dota 2 world tournament, The International, drew a digital crowd of more than 20 million people, Valve has revealed. Of the 20 million, 2 million watched The International 2014 at the same time, meaning the peak number of concurrent users was more than triple the population of the city where the tournament was held, Seattle.

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FireProChamp1570d ago

That is incredible. I wonder if someday there will be a gaming event similar in popularity to the SuperBowl or World Cup?

ATi_Elite1570d ago

StarCraft Platinum Diamond Master and Grand Master Level Championships draws in millions of viewers.

LoL has like 70 million Gamers and is still gaining popularity so who knows maybe one day it could pass 100 million Gamers versus the Super Bowl 100 million viewers.

*most viewers ONLY watch the Super Bowl and no games in the season where as these 70 million LoL Gamers are playing weekly.