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Submitted by Cyrus365 2801d ago | rumor

American Hardware and Software Chart for Week Ending June 7th, 2008

VGChartz reports that their estimate for American hardware and software chart for week Ending June 7th, 2008 is as follows:

Total Hardware: [Last Week #]

DSL: 162,568 (+24%) [130,636]
Wii: 133,021 (-16%) [158,384]
PSP: 69,603 (+16%) [60,046]
360: 59,038 (-2%) [60,272]
PS3: 42,837 (-2%) [43,581]
PS2: 28,208 (-1%) [28,570]

Top 10 Software:

1 Ninja Gaiden 2 (360) 173,443 173,443 [NEW]
2 Wii Sports (Wii) 133,021 12,024,608
3 Mario Kart Wii (Wii) 91,650 2,314,095
4 Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (360) 81,419 81,419 [NEW]
5 Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (Wii) 78,009 78,009 [NEW]
6 Grand Theft Auto IV (360) 74,732 3,704,444
7 Wii Play (Wii) 73,533 6,220,750
8 Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (PS2) 68,310 68,310 [NEW]
9 Wii Fit (Wii) 63,924 933,589 [NEW]
10 Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (DS) 58,655 58,655 [NEW]

Other New Releases:

11 Robert Ludlum's Bourne Conspiracy (360) 57,814 57,814 [NEW]
14 Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventure (PS3) 43,066 43,066 [NEW]
15 GRID (360) 39,404 39,404 [NEW]

Software Totals: [Last Week Total]

360: 1,166,757 (+40%) [832,477] Tie Ratio: 9.03
Wii: 1,049,155 (-4%) [1,098,370] Tie Ratio: 6.16
DSL: 990,062 (+19%) [834,934] Tie Ratio: 4.23
PS3: 582,706 (+18%) [495,321] Tie Ratio: 6.35
PS2: 370,967 (+42%) [261,800] Tie Ratio: n/a
PSP: 236,416 (+21%) [195,495] Tie Ratio: 3.96 (Nintendo DS, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360)

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pwnsause  +   2801d ago
"PS3: 42,837 (-2%) []"

its obvious why so low, people are waiting for the 80gb bundle and for MGS4 to release this thursday
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Silogon  +   2801d ago
Didn't we just get sales numbers? What is this? Do we get weekly sales numbers daily now? Who the hell do you trust on this? Friday's sales numbers were completley different. Tomorrows will be too. Who the hell is posting these?

Every damn day you turn around weekly hardware sales are being posted. How many days are in your alls weeks, cause I have to tell ya I have 7 in mine.
Cyrus365  +   2801d ago
There weekly sales for different regions, America, Japan and Europe...
El_Colombiano  +   2801d ago
Hahahaha! You only have one bubble...
Skip_Bayless  +   2801d ago
Wow from 5 or 6 bubbles down to 1 bubble in two days. Maybe you should stop acting like a bot and start getting real.
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juuken  +   2801d ago
*shakes head*
ANYWAYS...I agree with pwnsauce. Those bundles will make a huge difference.
yesah  +   2801d ago
Lets see the numbers for this week.
Mr_Kuwabara  +   2801d ago
You'll need the Flux Capacitor to do that, 1.21 Giga watts of electricity running at 88 MPH with a Delorean.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   2801d ago

Back to the future!
mrdxpr   2801d ago | Spam
Voiceofreason  +   2801d ago
AS much as MGS as been talked up as the second coming of Christ by many Sony fans, I will find it highly amusing if this game doesnt sale well.. I am of course 150% sure it will sale well but it would be funny for a while.
Omegasyde  +   2801d ago
I expect a bigger boost from the new Socom Confrontation than from MGS4.

Microsoft has Halo, Sony has Socom. No one really brings up how the Next Socom will be a big console seller....
DICK  +   2801d ago
lol mgs 4 wont shift consles on how the ps3 fanboys are hyping it dont forgot the last metal gear solid sold well becuz off the ps2 installed based but this time is a diferent story since the xbox 360 owners are the ones buying games i doubt metal gear will sell as good as his predececors now let see how many disagrees i get n how many ps3 owners caLL Me A XBOx fanboy even thoe i dont own one n would never purchase a console as faulty as theirs the wii continues kiling the ps3 n xbox 360 in sales go wii!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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nomad117  +   2801d ago
What? At the least you can spell correctly for gods sake.
Cherchez La Ghost  +   2801d ago
You're right..,
As PS3 & 360 sell, Nintendo is still strong over both.
xg-ei8ht  +   2800d ago
I think you underestimate it. Theres been many ads on tv now in the uk, and apparently over 400,000 have preordered it in japan alone. I'm thinking this is going to give ps3 quite a boost.

NG2 is why 360 is selling strong. Does look like a very good game though.

Should be an interesting week anywayz.
Snukadaman  +   2801d ago
I myself think ng2 sales are not that great...
I was expecting at least 250K...lets see those mgs4 numbers in the coming weeks.
Bladestar  +   2801d ago
freaken duhh... Metal Gear has a wider audience then Ninja Gaiden... that's a given fact... you should be comparing Metal Gear in terms of sells to Gears or Halo 3... Not Ninja gaiden... Though Ninja gaiden is a great game is in no way a console seller... on the other hand lots of people purchased their PS3 to play Metal Gear... and the xbox 360 to play Gears or Halo 3...

Now, when Metal Gear comes out... are you willing to bet that it will sell more copies than Gears and Halo 3...

If Metal Gear the biggest PS3 game since the PS3 release does not match Gears 1, Gears 2, Halo 3.... I am sure it will raise some developers eyebrows... so it better do.. thats the one game PS3 lovers don't shut up about... let's see if it actually deliver in terms of record sells...

I do find it very interesting the unfounded faith on the fact that Metal Gear will somehow kill all records on the game industry....

Metal Gear has never being mass market... which explain why last Metal Gear (snake eater) regardless of having 120 Mil PS2 installbase only sold like 3.97 million worldwide... and only 860,000 in japan... Yes.. game not big in Japan compared to other regions...

The biggest selling PS3 game (GTA4) sold a total of 3.84 million worldwide and is way way.. more mainstream and mass market then metal gear... just to give you an idea GTA: san andrea sold a total of 17.16 million copies worldwide... do you see the huge difference? Vice City sold 14.20 million...

you people are in for a surprise unless all of the sudden the end of the world comes.
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nomad117  +   2801d ago
Or you could compare none of them games.
cmrbe  +   2801d ago
I think this is 4 days sales for NG2
but yes its pretty low for a top tier x360 exclusive. As For MGS4. It will easily pass 500k in its first week in NA.
Dannagar  +   2801d ago
I was hoping Ninja Gaiden II would have done better than 173k but the 360 has long legs. It will sell, 80k next week and 40k the week after that and 20k after that. It should eventually hit about 500k in the USA. and probably a total of 200k to 300k over seas.
Snukadaman  +   2801d ago
whats funny about my post is I wasnt comparing neither game......
Just commenting my opinions of poor sales.
Angelitos  +   2801d ago
DlCK, your a retard, MGS4 bundles have been solding out everywhere, shut up.
dragunrising  +   2800d ago
Do retailers sell more in a brick and mortar store or online? I think the answer is obvious. There is always limited supply of online quantities. Online retail supplements brick and mortar and selling out online is not as significant as selling out at your local Gamestop.
Cyrus365  +   2801d ago
Do people expect MGS 4 to sell as well or better than GTA IV on the PS3?
Angelitos  +   2801d ago
I think MGS4 will sell better on the PS3 than GTA4.
Cyrus365  +   2801d ago
It shall be interesting, cause although MGS 4 looks to be a great game (based on the reviews coming out), GTA IV got just as good reviews, and it appeals to more "Casual" crowd than MGS 4 (Which is more suited to a hardcore crowd). So is there alot of hardcore people waiting in the wings to get MGS 4, and/or PS3.
cmrbe  +   2801d ago
Yes it will be interesting
My gut feeling is that it will sell more than GTA4 on PS3. My logic is that alot of hardcore gamers are early adopters so there will be alot more PS3 owners buying MGS4 compare to GTA4. Japan is also another very big factor. MGS is huge in Japan like everywhere else. With the 80gig and rumble coming back. I can only see alot of PS2 owners and MGS fans migrating to PS3 with the MSG4 bundle.
Dannagar  +   2801d ago
It's hard to predict if Metal Gear Solid 4 will do better than GTAIV. Most people I know bought a PS3 specifically for Metal Gear Solid IV. I wouldn't be surprised if it did sell better but than again, GTA San Andreas sold 17 million units on Playstation 2.
#9.4 (Edited 2801d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
cmrbe  +   2801d ago
I don't get why you are refereing to GTA 17 million last gen?. For all we know most of that 17 million who bought GTA last gen were casual gamers.I think its safe to say that most PS3 and x360 owners right now are mostly hardcore gamers.
Dannagar  +   2801d ago
It's still hard to gauge how Metal Gear Solid 4 may sell. You are likely right about PS3 having mostly Hardcore users. However, I bought Metal Gear Solid 2 casually because there wasn't much on Playstation 2 at the time. I'm not a fan and will likely borrow MGS4 from a friend at some point in time. When I had my shop, many customers bought Metal Gear Solid 2 casually (used).

I known many of my customers to have boughten a Playstation 3 casually because they think it's the best. They aren't the good kind of customers because they don't buy games.

If I were to take a guess as to how MGS4 is going to sell in it's first week, I think it would go like this: about 600k - 700k in European territories and a little less in the United States. The most popular Playstation 3 games sell about 300k in Japan. So we may see better sale in that territory, likely 400k at best. That would be my guestimation.
cmrbe  +   2801d ago
conservative figures
but you might actually be right. We shall see.
Omegasyde  +   2801d ago
Socom Confrontation > Over both in America.

DLC & 60$ dollar w/ mic & 40 dollar retail (just disc)
DeckUKold  +   2800d ago
I highly doubt it
I'm sorry I don't see any game outsell GTAIV imo.
Angelitos  +   2801d ago
Just abou tevery PS3 owner has been waiting for thie game. SO, eihter people whever got a PS3 wiolll get this(like me), or they are getting the MGS4 bundle

and DlCK
MGS4 is one of the best hyped games this next gen, compared to MGS3, are you also forgetting halo 2 came out around the same time as mgs3?
#10 (Edited 2801d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Aquanox  +   2801d ago
Japan will be Sony's last resort.
At this point, it seems that the Playstation 3 catch up will depend entirely on Japan. In USA + Europe numbers they're so close that it'd take decades for Sony to surpass Microsoft at this pace. The excellent RPG lineup also guarantees strong Europe + Other sales in the future for Microsoft's console.

I believe MGS4 will sell well, but I don't think it will be a big system seller. It will have a peak this month and afterwards, things will basically go back to normal. I do believe however, that games like Fable 2 and Gears 2 can make a difference in system sales. We're not that far from knowing if this is true.
PR0NE  +   2801d ago
i am not sure where you're getting your info from, but in Europe Sony did catch up or is on the verge of catching up to the xbox with all the delays, higher price and non-EE launch consoles, so Sony is a winner in Europe, and Japan wants reliable consoles, so you can slash the x360 from there...
kylegtheassman  +   2801d ago
The ps3 is a super computer
etownone  +   2801d ago
oks, in America the 360 has outsold the ps3 every month since the ps3 launched except for jan and feb of 08 due to 360 shortages.

I dont expect May to be any different. BUT...

June will be be a different story though with the ps3 flagship blockbuster MGS4, right?

It will be VERY interesting to see how well MGS4 sells, I mean GTA4 sold about 3.8 and that was PS2 best selling franchise of last gen,

and it will also be interesting to see if it really helps move PS3's, i mean i'm sure every sonyfan on this site has a ps3, but how well will the bundles sell?

Needless to say this is PS3's biggest and most important game since the ps3 launched, and its also ps3's biggest 2008 title... so the numbers will be interesting to see.

Halo 3 broke world records on day one, and gave a huge boost to 360 sales, and ended up selling 8 million... let's see if PS3's baby can even be compared.
#13 (Edited 2801d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
karlostomy  +   2801d ago
@ etownone
Yes, it will be interesting to see what really happens to PS3 sales when the bundle finally hits.

I have noted that PS3 sales have dropped off lately (last 3 weeks) reversing the momentum of the last 6 months. This is not a good sign.

Whats more, GTA IV has had little positive impact on PS3 sales.

So then, if GTAIV is anything to go by (considering it was originally a PS2 exclusive) then MGSIV will probably NOT have a major impact on PS3 console sales.

Don't forget all the hardcore users already have a PS3.

But let's wait and see.
If nothing happens and Sales continue to stagnate, then SONY will be forced into another price drop, extending the losses it is currently experiencing on PS3.
#13.1 (Edited 2801d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Cyrus365  +   2801d ago
I agree but for some strange reason, Sony and Konami (More so Sony), hasn't really marketed MGS 4 (I believe N'gai Coral brought this up in prevoius article). This is likely probably one of the biggest titles in 08 on any platform, and Sony Biggest title from previous generations, and I've personally haven't seen a commerical on TV, telling MGS 4 is coming out...

When Halo 3 was coming out, we were bombarded with commercials, product tie ins, hell in movie theatres they were showing Halo 3 commercials....Sony should be marketting the hell of this game.
etownone  +   2801d ago
@ Cyrus365
i think the reason you do see the kind of hype for mgs4 compared to Halo is because everyone knows MGS4 is geared towards the hardcore, Kojima even said it himself.

Halo like GTA4 has mass appeal and a much bigger fanbase.
sleepyk  +   2800d ago
GTA4 also had little sales of 360s, not just PS3s.
karlostomy  +   2800d ago
Oh thankyou captain obvious.It's not about the 360 here dude.

The gist was that MGSIV is coming out on PS3 and GTAIV didnt improve console sales much there... so... see where that leads?
kylegtheassman  +   2801d ago
sony wishes that the ps3 is a supercomputer my fuc*en laptop has more fuc*en ram then the ps3 so does that make my laptop a supercomputer
Cyrus365  +   2801d ago
ummm super computers dont' depend on ram, it's the parrallel processing doing by the CPU, hence the Super computer term, Ram is for storing info quickly...

I don't get what your comment stating your laptop has more Ram, lets put this way, a PS3 is more of a supercomputer with 1 RAM than your laptop with 10 Gigs of Ram.
DJ  +   2801d ago
Kyle's definitely an idiot. Fool needs to read a textbook before posting on here again.
shine1396  +   2800d ago
your laptop can play games?

I must say I'm impressed...

edit: FYI, this comment doesn't make much sense here because it was meant to be a reply for one of his others comments..
#14.3 (Edited 2800d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
DICK  +   2801d ago
angenito lol
angenito ur truly a delusional do you really think metal gear solid 4 is gonna sell more than the almighty gta iv the last metal gear game sold over 3 million with a installed base off 100+ million this time the ps3 has around 10 mill + try shifting it eny way u want you saying metal gear solid will sell 4 mill in 1 week dats like half off the ps3 owners will buy the game i dont think dats gonna happen enytime soon
cmrbe  +   2801d ago
No he is not
Metal Gear 2 came out in 2001 when the PS2 was only 1 years old and went on to sell 7 million. MGS4 and MGS2 are similar in alot of ways.

1. They are both the first MGS entry for each gen.
2. They were hyped.
3. They have very little competition early in the PS lifecycle.

Note however that MGS4 is last of Snakes adventure and will close of this saga so alot of people are interested in MGS4. MGS4 is the first of the true PS exclusive heavy hitters to hit with 14 million mostly hardcore PS fans eagerly waiting its arrival.
#15.1 (Edited 2801d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
kylegtheassman  +   2801d ago
the ps3 has 256MB and my laptop has 4GB of ram so what does that tell you
DJ  +   2801d ago
Is your RAM single-channel, or dual channel?
What speed is your Frontside Bus? What speed does your RAM run at. How fast is your CPU, and how many cores does it have? Does your CPU rely on L2 Cache? (if yes, your performance just took a 25% hit).

Get back to me on that.
yanikins111  +   2801d ago
m-m-m-m-MEGA KILL

shine1396  +   2800d ago
m-m-m-m-MEGA KILL


yeh. I suppose. though...never mind.
Angelitos  +   2801d ago
the 360 outsold the PS3. When there wasnt any 80 gig PS3s
trancefreak  +   2801d ago
compared to the 80gb or the 60gb the 40gb is kinda weak. i would like to see the option always there for a 80 or 40 gig. i dont understand why sony doesnt allow the option of always having both on the market without the 80gb being limited. maybe sony makes less $$ or looses $$$ on the 80 gb still?
etownone  +   2801d ago
oks maybe your right.

maybe everyone is waiting for the mgs4 80gig bundle.

like i said, it will be very interesting to see how the game sells and if it helps sell ps3's.

i know how MS's flagship title did and the records it broke, lets see how ps3's flagship title does... i mean every freakin sonyfan on this site has only been hyping it for years already.
#17.2 (Edited 2801d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
cmrbe  +   2801d ago
FYI. Sony dosen't have a flagship title. The only title that came close is GT in my mind but you will have just as many others say its FF or MGS etc.
jvillan  +   2801d ago
yea, that tells me that the ps3 is an overhyped piece of crap... it'll never take over the 360 in America at this rate...

and don't even bring up japan, they're in a completely different universe... have you seen the games that they play? they are completely different from us, none of the best selling games in america are even on their top ten list...

So what exactly makes them so relevant to us???
DJ  +   2801d ago
Why anyone would buy a PS3 last week is beyond me.
Come on. 80GB MGS4 is the way to go! =D
OOG  +   2801d ago
some people prob would prefer the 40 gig if they can get a deal...if they already have a ps2....but id pick the 80giger
kylegtheassman  +   2801d ago
my laptop has 1.7GB gcard so what does that tell you
ice_prophecy  +   2801d ago
That you need to pull your head out of your arse son.

How is this relevant?

All considering. I think the sales of Game consoles are pretty average.
jvillan  +   2801d ago
Well if its such a supercomputer, then why can't I play music or browse the web on the ps3? Because it has no ram you fool.. My computer can do multiple tasks while I play my games just like the 360

Wow, we live in a world with supercomputers that can't multitask...
Thanks to the power of the cell I can't change my system settings while I am in a chat room...

Thanks Sony for all your incompetence
TheD_R_E  +   2801d ago
The Wii...
Proof that it is nothing more than a trend continues. Just look @ what games are selling. Wii sports, Wii play, Mario Kart Wii, Wii fit, damn how many games can possibly have "Wii" in it. The good games on the system, Mario Galaxy, Metroid, Zelda, Smash bros., sold well once they came out but look at the crap that is overshadowing them. For the Wii gamers who are REAL gamers and genuinely enjoy the Marios and Smash bros out there, I feel for y'all since chances are that those will be the last of the truly quality Wii games amongst all the rest of that happy go luck party game shovelware bs on the system.
#22 (Edited 2801d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Snukadaman  +   2801d ago
You are not that bright kid.....
A fad is something that is very popular with a small group of people for a short period of time....what we have here is a trend..A trend is something that somehow becomes popular within mainstream society over a long period of time. It is the direction of a sequence of events that has some momentum and durability.
Omegasyde  +   2801d ago
Quite honestly I haven't bought a Wii game since Smash Bros. Nintendo was smart with including a game and a controller for the price of a regular game (Wii play sucks however).

Also you have to give credit where credit is due, Microsoft HIGHLY advertises their games, and Wii is advertised as a console for more than 1 person to play with.
karlostomy  +   2801d ago
Hey wow
The 360 is selling (nearly) as much as ps2+ps3 combined.

I thought those days were over?
Says you  +   2801d ago
kylegtheassman does your laptop have
The cell yeah thought so now shut up considering your CPU in your laptop got danced around by the Cell and having more ram doesn't mean its a super computer dumbass your intellect is as low as worm sh1t! and your contradicting yourself you just said you have a laptop that you have a 4GB ram laptop

but then you say you have a 1GB ram laptop.
#24 (Edited 2801d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
kylegtheassman  +   2801d ago
my frontside bus is 1333ghz and my ram is 800mhz and my cpu is 3.16ghz and its got a 6MB L2 cache fool eat that fool
kylegtheassman  +   2801d ago
and Intel Core 2 Duo fool
badz149  +   2801d ago
hey FOOL!!
stop showing off your laptop already FOOL!! you're not the only one who have it! and FYI, PS3 has 256MB dedicated RAM for graphic and another 256MB dedicated for CELL! and @jvillan too, 360 also has only 512MB of shared RAM! what makes them different?

so, my suggestion is, if both of your are really proud and treasure your PC or laptop that much, stick with it and stay away from consoles!! I really want to see if you can play any games with it! yeah, you can get a lot of multiplat games and 360 exclusives on it but you'll be missing a lot from the PS3 scene all PS3 exclusives, are EXCLUSIVE ONLY ON PS3!

oh yeah, have you played GTAIV on your supercomputer laptop yet? Halo3? NGII? DMC4? Uncharted? GT5:P? and will you be getting MGS4 this coming June 12? FOOL!!
OOG  +   2801d ago
personally I would like to know what kind of laptop you have..... cuz most of the stuff seems like your talkn straight out of you @$$....

no offence
Apocalypse Shadow  +   2801d ago
nintendo is in first.
and microsoft went from 10 million lead on sony to 5 million lead or less worldwide.even with a year head start.

so what doe that tell you?

TheD_R_E  +   2801d ago
@ 17.1
Alright easy mistake but seriously of everything I said in that post all you could think to comment on was my misuse of the word fad? I'll edit it if it makes ya happy.
#28 (Edited 2801d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Snukadaman  +   2801d ago
Too late for a edit....
I actually agree with most of what you did say anyways...last game on the wii I purchased was smash bros myself and will probably buy Mario sluggers.
Funky Town_TX  +   2801d ago
look at the Wii
The 360 sold 1 million units of software?
Superfragilistic  +   2801d ago
Exactly. And people say the 360's in trouble... MS is cleaning up! The software sales are ridiculous. Not only are they outselling the Wii which has a 30% larger base and the PS3 by a more than 2:1 ratio. This is the real reason third party developers are attracted to the 360.

As for MGS4, I'm sure it'll boost sales of PS3's but it'll only be a temporary boost. What it really needs is a price cut!
#29.1 (Edited 2801d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Omegasyde  +   2801d ago
I agree sell the 40 gig at $299 w/ just a controller. Thats a perfect price.

In my opinion I don't know why Sony doesn't bring back a 20 gig with the 40gig model's specs. If players want more HDD space, do what microsoft is doing and leave them the option to upgrade.

Keep the 80 gig at $450 w/ game + BR Movie and perhaps some PSN games preloaded.
shine1396  +   2800d ago
just to note...a lot of people were saying the same thing before the 40 gig was released. you know that comment about it being a temp why do I even bother...
OOG  +   2801d ago
I agree with most that MGS isnt exactly as huge as most people make it out to be.....but..... this game is different....

It is honestly the only true MUST BUY a PS3 exclusive out so far... and is going to be bundled with an 80 gig and the dual shock 3.....which is a steal instead of getn that other crap the new controller n a great game for same 80 gig price...of course the game will sell...youd be stupid to pass on this offer if you have the money to get it......

If the game was only by itself without bundles everywhere I dont think it would sell as much prob about 25% less......

O well gonna be a great game wooooooo
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