Beyond Good & Evil 2 Confirmed Beyond Teasing

Ubisoft finally confirms beyond doubt that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is being made, as the original's creator half-leaves the studio.

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Relientk771573d ago

Yes, we need Beyond Good & Evil 2

JackOfAllBlades1573d ago

It'd be really cool, and personally I wouldn't mind a remaster of the first one

xxBiG_BoSSxx1573d ago

it would have to be a re-remaster, because they already did that

boneso821573d ago

I started to play the first one again recently, turned it off after 20 mins, i forgot how awkward and clunky the controls were back then. Loved it first time though.

JohnathanACE1573d ago

I really hope this game makes it through development hell.

electricrabbit1573d ago

Beyond Good and Evil is an amazing game and hopefully if the sequel ever comes out, it will be just as good.

Ripsta7th1573d ago

Didnt we see a sneak peek since 2012??

Fullmetalevolust1573d ago

Woohoo, I look forward to seeing some gameplay.
The first one is a cult classic!

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The story is too old to be commented.