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Origin Currently Selling Titanfall for 50% Off

Titanfall is still THE big exclusive from Microsoft. With that said, there are still some out there who have yet to play it. Those people are in luck thanks to Origin. EA’s online shop is currently selling the game and its various editions for a nice discount. (Origin PC, PC, TitanFall)

MRMagoo123  +   213d ago
"there are still some out there who have yet to play it"

Unless there was around 100 million copies sold on pc, I would think there is a lot more than "some" that havent played it.
iNFAMOUZ1  +   213d ago
meh, bring it to 5 dollars, and i might get it.
psuedo   213d ago | Immature | show
AceBlazer13  +   213d ago
Demand must be booming.
darren_poolies  +   213d ago
Just bought the Season Pass on Origin for £12, loving the new maps.
700p  +   212d ago
Yeah the new maps are really fun :) They are worth it!
AllAboutGaming   213d ago | Off topic | show

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