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Killer Instinct: Combo Breaker Pack Will Fight Its Way into a Physical Release on September 23rd

Microsoft has announced the physical copy of Killer Instinct: Combo Breaker Pack is releasing a special retail version of the game, coming September 23rd for $19.99. (Iron Galaxy Studio, Killer Instinct, Microsoft, Xbox One)

oasdada  +   339d ago
wls1012  +   339d ago
how about the hole game will all the bells a whistles?
can we get that pls
N8  +   339d ago
This isn't the full version?
Muadiib  +   339d ago
It's all of season 1 and a fighter from season 2 (TJ Combo) all for the low low price of $20, not much to complain about really. The game is excellent too, just wish it would come to the pc as I'm not buying a "next-gen" console anytime soon.
N8  +   339d ago
I'm not that much into fighting games but for 20$ it might be worth a shot. My X1 hasn't been getting much use. I need to balance my games better

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